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MMA News: Brown vs. Nunes, Hominick vs Roop, UFC 125 and More

1. Mike Brown vs. Diego Nunes: according to a report from, former WEC Featherweight Champion Mike Brown will find himself across The Octagon from Diego Nunes at UFC 125. The bout is expected to take place on the preliminary card. UFC 125 will feature the first ever UFC Featherweight Championship bout between Jose Aldo and Josh Grispi, and is headlined by a Lightweight Championship bout between Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard. The undercard for Mike Brown? Time permitting, I’m sure this fight will make the broadcast. It should be a good fight. Nunes is a game opponent, but I think Brown will pull this one out.

2. Mark Hominick vs. George Roop: is reporting that Mark Hominick and George Roop could be coming to the January 22 UFC Fight for the Troops 2 event. The fight hinges upon whether or not Hominick’s hand injury, which he suffered in his victory over Leonard Garcia, is healed in time for him to fully train for the fight. I hope it is, because these two together could make for fireworks. And that’s what the troops should be able to watch, a high-paced exciting fight.

3. Urijah Faber can win title at 135lbs: Urijah Faber tells that he can hold the bantamweight title. “It’s funny because you’ve got the Internet warriors and all these people that are experts in the sport that are like, ‘You hit a roadblock, so now you’re dropping down. I’ve been a 145-pounder since I started in this game because there was no 135-pound weight class. This is before most people were even covering the sport at all, before people knew what it was. I came into this sport a light guy. I was 133 pounds all through college. That was my competitive weight as a full-grown adult. I’m back at it. I feel great. I was good enough to compete at 145 and be a champion, and I’m good enough to be a 135-pound champ…” I wouldn’t say wall. He can beat everyone at 145lbs except Jose Aldo. No point in staying there. But I can’t wait to see his 135lb journey. Starts Thursday on Versus. Don’t miss it.

4. 12 fights for UFC 125: UFC 125 event on New Year’s Day is already packed to the rim. However, the UFC has added a 12th fight, this according to Per their report, Marcus Davis will meet Jeremy Stephens on the event in his lightweight debut. Twelve fights? Crazy. Most events have 11. Adding another seems odd, but this will be an exciting stand-up battle, and I’m sure the fans don’t mind.

5. Alan Belcher calls out Wanderlei Silva: With his eye injury healing, Alan Belcher told who he wants his comeback fight to be against. “I want to fight Wanderlei Silva. And I think he needs to fight someone like me, a top young guy, to really stay in the mix. He needs to do that to stay a legit fighter and not just a legend selling pay-per-views because he has a name. He has to fight me to stay up there.” I don’t think your comeback fight should be against Wanderlei Silva. I’d say someone a little less dangerous to knock the rust off. But, I’d pay to see it.

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