MMA: Mayhem Miller, Lesnar, Cote and More Updates

1. Tom Lawlor scales back entrances: Tom Lawlor talked to MMAJunkie.com about scaling back his elaborate entrances to conserve energy. “I wasn’t gassed out in the last round like I was after other ring entrances. I had a little extra in the gas tank…I’ll do more entrances in the future. I’ll probably just conserve my energy rather than go crazy. I mean, I get really excited when I do an entrance. I had to train like it was a four-round fight before. I guess I scale that back…” He did look better against Patrick Cote at UFC 121, but I think that has more to do with him actually using his wrestling and not getting into a brawl. But he should, as well as everyone else, conserve energy because you’ll need every ounce once you get into the cage.

2. Patrick Cote released from the UFC: Patrick Cote revealed on Twitter that he has been released from the UFC following his loss to Tom Lawlor at UFC 121. “I had a little hope but finally got the release word from the UFC. It’s been [an] awesome experience! I’ll be back!” Yeah, I figured the loser would lose his job. Cote is a pretty good fighter, but he definitely needs to work on his wrestling, or at least, work on getting back to his feet after he gets taken down.

3. Eddie Alvarez to the UFC: MMAFighting.com asked multiple people about Eddie Alvarez eventually making it to the UFC. Dana White said, “I like this kid. He’s probably a tough guy; you’d have to get him in here to really find out how good he really is.” Then Alvarez’s manger Monte Cox weighed in on the possibility. “I think so. We’re happy with Bellator. But that being said, what fighter doesn’t dream of going to the UFC? That’s the granddaddy of them all, and they’ve got most of the top-ranked guys.” So expect Alvarez to make his UFC debut sometime next year. He’ll have to finish up his Bellator contract, and if he’s still winning, Alvarez will be added to the UFC roster. Bet on it.

4. King Mo done with humility: King Mo tells MMAFighting.com he blames humility for losing his title. “I wasn’t me. I thought I was going to win, but I tried to play all that humble shit. What it comes to is, that’s not me. I know I’m the best, and I’ve got to be able to talk like I’m the best. I’m not going to do all that, ‘Oh, he’s a tough opponent’ stuff. Not anymore. Fuck that stuff. It doesn’t work for me. I tried to do that so I wouldn’t get this backlash, but it doesn’t work for me. So now, people don’t like me? Fuck them.” King Mo is all class. And by class I mean all punkass. I thought he was overrated from the gate, but he kept winning. He lacks cardio and technical striking. And he thought he could take Rampage? Ha!

5. Mayhem Miller praises Lesnar: Cagepotato.com interviewed Jason “Mayhem” Miller and asked him about the Lesnar/Velasquez fight. “[Lesnar vs. Velasquez] was the best fight ever…Brock Lesnar puts on good fights. Win or lose, he puts on a good fight. That’s something to be said, you know what I mean? And regardless of whether you love him or hate him or whatever, you gotta respect that he puts on a damn good fight. I knew Cain had the tools to beat him up, and it was awesome to watch it happen, but now that I realize that Brock Lesnar puts on awesome fights, it makes me want to see Brock Lesnar fight again.” Best fight ever? I don’t know about that. But Lesnar certainly is exciting. He gets in there and tries to finish his opponent. He failed to keep Velasquez down, and now we have a new champion. Still, his next fight will still bring in over 1 million PPV buys.

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