MMA News: Koscheck, GSP, Shields, Cro Cop and More Updates

1. Koscheck will knockout GSP: In an interview with MMAWeekly.com, Koscheck discusses the reason he lost to GSP the first time, and how it’ll end this time. “I think the first time me and Georges faced off, I think mentally I was all ‘this guy is a karate guy.’ I didn’t believe he could possibly take me down. I didn’t think that was an option. Throughout my camp my mental game was work on my stand-up, work on my stand-up, because this guy isn’t going to be able to take me down…My goal coming into this fight is definitely to knock Georges out.” He definitely COULD knock GSP out. I don’t see it, and I think he’ll get out-wrestled again. Because, while he is a better fighter now, so is GSP.

2. Marcus Davis dropping to 155lbs: Marcus Davis told MMAJunkie.com that he will be dropping to the lightweight division, and will have retirement in mind every bout from here on out. “I’m going to finish out my career at 155 and try to entertain some people along the way before my old ass retires,” he said. “I like the opportunities that present themselves.” He is definitely at a disadvantage with the reach situation. Smallest reach in the division. At 155lbs, his power could be something to watch for.

3. Jake Shields wants Melendez and Diaz in the UFC: MMAFighting.com asked Jake Shields if his training partners would be best serve in the UFC over Strikeforce. “Yes, of course [the UFC would be the better situation for Gilbert Melendez and Nick Diaz]. Strikeforce is a good organization. But ultimately, I feel they don’t push the right people. I don’t feel like Nick & Gilbert have gotten the attention they deserve. They pick guys like Cung Le to push. And they push Gina Carano and Frank Shamrock. But they have Nick and Gil, who are both top five fighters in the world. UFC would be the best spot for both of them.” And I agree. Strikeforce is a pretty good #2 organization. But the gap between #2 and #1 is huge. And I’d love to see how good Melendez really is.

4. Alan Belcher recovering well: Alan Belcher has been unable to compete or train since suffering a detached retina. The injury required multiple surgeries, and Belcher has been trying to recover not knowing if he’d ever be able to fight again. However, Belcher has received some good news and informed his fans on Twitter that his recovery is coming along well and he might be able to train soon. “Dr. Semple said I am making a remarkable recovery and may be able to return to training as early as January.” Dr. Semple? As in, simple? Hmmm…well, at least the career-threatening injury looks to be healing just fine. That would have been horrible if his career would have been cut short because of this.

5. Cro Cop wants to fight Roy Nelson: Mirko Cro Cop tells Fighter’s Only that he’d definitely be interested to step in for Shane Carwin to the fight Roy Nelson at UFC 125 if asked. “I know nothing about it, this is the first I heard of it. But it would be an interesting fight for sure. I think Roy’s style matches very well with mine, we could have a good fight. I didn’t hear anything from the UFC yet, but lets see if they call me.” Hmmmm, okay, I’ll bite. Not that I think it’s as good as the train wreck of Carwin/Nelson, but I would watch it. I’d rather see Nelson/Mir, but I won’t be overly disappointed if this happens.

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