MMA News: Bautista, Alves, Hardy and More Updates

Daily Dose of MMA news:

1. Keith Jardine still fighting: Keith Jardine is returning to action this November, even though he’s dropped five straight fights in defeat. Jardine will headline in the main event of “Nemesis Fighting: MMA Global Invasion” in the Dominican Republic on November 13, where he takes on former Strikeforce competitor, Francisco France.. The fight card is part of an all-inclusive vacation package at Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana from November 11 to November 14. Well, I guess you have to make a living somehow. Losing to Trevor Prangley was bad. Losing to Francisco France might signal retirement.

2. Jose Aldo’s next opponent: In an interview with Tatame.com, WEC featherweight champion Jose Aldo revealed who he thinks his next title defense will come against. “Whoever it may be, I always respect everybody. We may already have a title defense in January with Mark Hominick, a Canadian very good in kickboxing.” This should be a decent fight, as in entertaining. Not that I think Hominick has a snowflake’s chance in Hell, but at least for the first 4 minutes we will be previewed to some vicious striking.

3. Bautista nearing agreement: Dave Bautista talked to DC 101 on Monday morning about his dealings with Strikeforce. “We’re real close. We actually agreed on a number last week and we’re sorting stuff out. We should have a deal real soon. Hopefully I’ll be fighting in March… The grind of professional wrestling… nothing is more brutal. I told my mom I wanted to get into fighting. She was scared to death. I said, ‘Mom, the last few years I was an inch away from breaking my neck every night and now you’re worried abut me being punched in the face?” So true, Dave. So true. Pro wrestling might be fake, but those guys get injured for real. I’m past caring if he signs or not. Just get it done, or don’t. He should fight Herschel Walker. Loser quits MMA.

4. GSP loves Dinosaurs: Georges St. Pierre talks to ESPN’s Page 2 how he’d rather watch programs about dinosaurs and philosophy than sports. “I don’t really watch sports. I watch the Canadian version of the Discovery Channel. Ask me a question about the Jurassic period or the Cretaceous period and I probably could answer it… Seriously, I’m into paleontology. That’s the study of prehistoric life. I’m into philosophy. And psychology, too. You know that the Tyrannosaurus Rex was found with feathers?” Indeed. I’m all about Dinosaurs too. Can’t say I don’t watch sports though. Who doesn’t love football? Weird.

5. Thiago Alvs vs. Dan Hardy: In an interview for ESPN.co.uk, Thiago Alves spoke to MMATorch UK specialist Chris Park backstage at the London O2 Arena about taking a fight with Dan Hardy. “I don’t pick my fights, but if Joe Silva says we should match up, I think it’d be a great fight for me. I think he’s a great fighter, so let’s do it. I really don’t have a specific place to fight in. Once I step in the Octagon, that’s home for me. So if it happens to be [in England], good. If it’s in America, that’s fine. Brazil? I’m ready for that too.” I’d pay to see this. And if I were a betting man, I’d bet on Hardy getting KO’ed again. If Condit found the holes in Hardy’s striking, Alves will surely exploit them. If this fight happens, Hardy better work on his takedowns.

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