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MMA News: UFC on FOX 3, Jon Jones, Ross Pearson, Gabriel Gonzaga and More

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When asked if the two headlining bouts for this weekend’s UFC on Fox 3 event for defacto title shot eliminator bouts, UFC president Dana White said there’s a possibility he may grant two title shots to the winners of Diaz/Miller and Hendricks/Koscheck, but that all depends on who exactly comes out the victor. “We’re in one of those situations we were in before with Davis and Evans. Should Diaz win, Diaz is definitely getting the title shot. Should Miller win, Miller’s probably going to be a fight or two away.” White also indicated that Hendricks would get a crack at the title, but Koscheck most likely wouldn’t.

This is when I favor the ‘tournament’ style. Not that Koscheck would deserve a shot (though it’s arguable), Miller definitely deserves a shot if he defeats Diaz. Miller has won 8 ouf 9, only losing to the current champion Benson Henderson. Diaz in that same span is only 5-4. Please, Dana, give Miller some respect. He was due a title shot before that loss to Henderson anyway.

Jon Jones told ESPN’s MMA Live that he hopes not to have a verbal battle with Dan Henderson leading up to their contest. “As far as Dan Henderson, I’m excited about [him], he’s a great fighter. You know, I’ve gone through a lot with Rashad as far as all of the trash talking and I really hope Dan’s listening and I really hope that Dan keeps it classy throughout this fight. I respect him as an older man, I respect him as a warrior and I just hope he keeps it classy and not drag me through another trash-talking bout. Let’s stick to why we’re really here, let’s just fight.”

Well, Henderson isn’t much of a talker so I don’t think Jones will really have to worry about a trash talking war before their fight. Henderson might speak his mind, like when he said that he doesn’t believe Jones is 100% real, but that’s about as far as he’ll go. But, I think calling Dan ‘old’ is at least a spark in a trash talking fire.

According to TMZ.com, UFC featherweight Ross Pearson was arrested on suspicion of DUI on Sunday morning around 4AM when police noticed his car swerving on the road. The report states that Pearson was administered a field sobriety test, which he allegedly failed “miserably,” causing the officer to take him in. He has since be let out on bond.

Not surprising, because I’m sure a lot of people drink and then get behind a wheel, but this is highly unfortunate. He has money to pay a cab driver and in Las Vegas, cabs are everywhere. Not that anyone should ever drink and drive, but Pearson especially should know better.

Shake-ups to UFC 146 continue, as injuries to Gabriel Gonzaga and Evan Dunham have removed them from the event. In for Gonzaga against Roy Nelson is Dave “PeeWee” Herman, and in for the injured Evan Dunham is former WEC Champion Jamie Varner, making his return to the UFC for the first time in five years.

Such a shame. I really, really, wanted to see Nelson/Gonzaga. Herman/Nelson is a good replacement, but the BJJ battle that could’ve been, is no longer. And Varner coming back to a fast-rising Edson Barboza is a tough draw. I don’t see it ending well for him.

In an interview with MMAJunkie.com, FX Vice President Chuck Saftler stated that even though the ratings for TUF: Live weren’t what most expected, TUF is staying on Friday night in the Fall. “I think the way to look at it is this way: Saturday night is also a very difficult night, and the ratings for UFC product on a Saturday night are fantastic. In fact, when you look at the fact that’s where their ‘Fight Nights’ are, where their pay-per-views are, Saturday has not been a hindrance for the UFC. Friday night has very similar characteristics to Saturday night. They’re both nights that guys go out. So I think it’s about having the patience of getting people to understand where it is more than it being a bad night of the week. Because again, what we’ve seen with the four preliminaries that we’ve had for pay-per-views on Saturdays, we’ve seen each one grow over the other, and that’s part of that learning curve of where you’re going to find the preliminary fights on pay-per-view nights…We’re going to stick with Friday nights for the fall season, and we do have a strong belief that Friday nights will in fact become quite successful for ‘The Ultimate Fighter.’”

This is the correct move, because as he states, people are still adjusting to the fact that TUF is on a new network and time. However, should the Fall numbers do the same or worse, it might be time to put it back on Wednesday. I know I’m 100% for a move back to Wednesday.


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