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MMA News: UFC 137, Diaz vs. St. Pierre, Maia vs. Shields, UFC 138 and More

Even though Dana White said prior to UFC 137 that Carlos Condit would keep his title shot against Georges St-Pierre regardless of the outcome of Saturday’s main event, it seems he has changed his mind. At the post-fight press conference of UFC 137, White revealed that Nick Diaz, not Carlos Condit, will face GSP on Super Bowl weekend, with Condit agreeing to step aside and fight someone else on that card.

White revealed that GSP was angry at Diaz for Diaz’s remarks following his win over BJ Penn, and White thanked Condit for stepping aside. However, Condit’s manager, Malki Kawa posted on Twitter that Condit didn’t give up the title shot as it was being reported. He said Condit didn’t move aside, it’s simply that St-Pierre is choosing to fight Diaz over him, and because of that, Condit will take another fight.

This is messed up for many reasons. It’s not that I don’t want to see Diaz and GSP fight, because I do, but how do you give Diaz the shot, he messes up and you take it from him and give it to Condit, then give it back to Diaz after he beats Penn because he pulled a “Chael Sonnen” and called out GSP? You’re setting a bad precedent granting title shots to people who call for them and basically not punishing Diaz for him no-showing to those press conferences. And it would seem GSP has a hand in this too if he’s choosing to fight Diaz over Condit. I hope Condit is victorious in his fight, because that would be a huge letdown if he were to lose and not get his title shot.

In an interview with, Demian Maia’s manager Eduardo Alonso said Maia would like to face off against Jake Shields for his next fight. “It’s a personal desire, but I guess it’d be a good fight, an interesting challenge for Demian. For his record and skills as a fighter, I’m guessing it’d be interesting…Fighting top 10 guys is always interesting. Since he once was a champion in Strikeforce in this weight class and has great wins over top athletes like Dan Henderson, and because he likes to fight on the ground, I believe it’d be a great match-up against Demain.”

I’d definitely want to see this. Maia’s stand up has looked better in recent fights and Shields hasn’t been faring too well in the Octagon, and fighting Maia will be a great test for him to prove he belongs at the top of the heap with the UFC’s best fighters.

Even though is was being reported by a Brazilian newspaper that UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort would be coaching against one another on The Ultimate Fighter’s first international season in Brazil, is reporting that UFC officials have shot down that report, saying that there haven’t been any discussions about who the coaches will be for that season.

Maybe this is what the Brazilian people want to happen, or maybe it is going to happen, who knows? The press says it is, but the UFC says no. It would make sense, since these two are the biggest MMA fighters in Brazil, but then what? Does Belfort get a rematch after the show? What about Sonnen? Or Bisping/Miller? is reporting that Donald Cerrone will be taking on Nate Diaz at UFC 141 as the co-Main Event, and is reporting that Ross Pearson will make his featherweight debut against Junior Assuncao on the same card.

Two huge additions to the end of the year card. Especially Cerrone/Diaz. I’ve wanted to see that fight when Cerrone was at the top of the lightweight division in the WEC. And now we get to see it right before we see Brock Lesnar vs. Alistair Overeem. Can’t wait!

This Saturday’s UFC 138 main card won’t air on Spike TV until 8PM ET on tape delay from Birmingham, England, but the six fight preliminary card will be available for fans in the U.S. live on Facebook during the day, starting at 12:30PM ET/9:30AM PT in the states.

It’s going to be weird for us American fans to watch the prelims 6 and a half hours earlier than the main card, but at least we get to see them live. As always, fight discussion will be going on at the Facebook fan page.


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