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MMA News: TUF 14 Episode 9 Rundown

It’s Thursday, and that means it’s Ultimate Fighter time. Only one more show left before the Finale. This week we already know the fight match-up, TJ Dillashaw vs. Dustin Pague. It should be a good one.

The show starts out with Dustin Pague and Team Miller riding along in the van. Pague tells the driver to pull over real quick so he can give a bag of food to a homeless man he’s seen since he got to the TUF House. Hell of a gesture. I guess not all MMAers are punks and thugs, huh, New York?

Now, pretty much outta nowhere, the show turns into “Fear Factor.” Miller and his coaches come over to the house one night for a barbecue with his team. The food looked good, but then Team Miller started daring Dustin Pague to eat some bugs they found outside. Pague said pay him and he’ll eat them. Miller says he’ll pay him. So he does it. All for $60. Man’s game, bitch. Haha!

It is now time for the Coaches’ Challenge. This season, Dana White decided that the two coaches will be going head to head for the $10,000 in a game of Air Hockey. Games to 7, best of 5. Michael Bisping reveals that he owns one of these tables, for his kids, but that he usually lets them win and really isn’t that good. Guess we are about to find out.

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First game starts out, no one scoring for a while. Then Bisping just starts scoring at will. He dominates the first game 7-1. The second game was no different. Bisping defeated Miller 7-4 in Game 2. All he needs is one more game and it’s all over. But of course, Bisping started talking smack during the third game, and coughed it up to Miller 7-5. So now it’s 2-1. Fourth game starts, and it looks to be back and forth, but then Bisping pulls away, taking the fourth game 7-4, and the contest, 3-1. The $10,000 goes to Bisping.

But not without punishment. Call it Karma, call it payback, call it what you will, but when Dana White handed him the cash, he hopped up on the table to celebrate. Then he jumped off, and as he landed on the ground, he slipped and busted his ass hard. He got right back up, but I know that hurt.

Nothing much went on from now until the fight. Team Miller wanted Pague to keep the fight standing and Team Bisping wanted Dillashaw to take this to the ground. Guess we’ll see who implements their gameplan better.

TJ Dillashaw vs. Dustin Pague (Bantamweight Bout)

Round one started out with a Superman Punch by Dillashaw. Pague shrugged it off, but then Dillashaw landed a decent uppercut. Pague returned with a left, and then went for an overhand right, but Dillashaw shot in for a takedown. Dillashaw would pretty much keep Pague down the entire round until the end. Pague got up and landed a really good knee to Dillashaws face. Had it been just an inch to the right, I think Dillashaw would’ve been out cold. But it wasn’t and round two was much of the same. Dillashaw kept Pague down with his wrestling and used ground and pound. Pague landed some decent shots off his back, even cutting Dillshaw, and looked for submissions when he could, but to no avail. Round 3 started out with Pague landing a knee, but Dillashaw once again took him down. Kept him there and grounded and pounded him. Dillashaw cut Pague in this round but couldn’t finish him. Dillashaw got the judges decision and moves on to the Finale.


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