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Anderson Silva was recently asked about a potential showdown against Michael Bisping. The greatest of all time, for whatever reason, didn’t see that fight happening. He instead envisioned Bisping falling to Vitor Belfort this January. Well, apparently those comments found their way back to Bisping and, unsurprisingly, the middleweight contender had a response.

“I haven't personally heard anything from Dana or the UFC, I heard him at the weekend say I'd probably get a shot at Belfort...sorry at Silva if I beat Belfort. I honestly believe I would deserve it, in my mind Vitor Belfort is the hardest fight in the middleweight division outside of Anderson Silva. My last fight was against Brian Stann, before that it was a controversial loss against Chael Sonnen, before that I hadn't lost a fight since 2009. know, if I beat Vitor I definitely deserve a shot, I'm definitely the number one contender.” [Bloody Elbow]

He’s absolutely right. Silva got his little break when Dana White handed him an easy win versus Stephan Bonnar. Now it’s time to get back to work. Bisping is next in line. Can he actually beat Silva? It’s tough to say. The talent in this division is very dispersed – it’s hard to get a read for where everyone truly stands. If anyone at middleweight can do it, though, it’s probably Bisping.

In that same interview, Bisping was asked how he would beat the best pound-for-pounder on the planet.

Well, this is it, you know. I mean, Anderson is rightly so regarded as pound-for-pound best. What can I do? Listen, I've never got in with him, I don't know. I believe in myself, I believe in my skills, I believe in my training, I believe in my ferocity as a fighter, I'll get in there and I'll fight him, I certainly ain't going to fall down like some of these bums have done lately. [Bloody Elbow]

So Bisping’s plan is to have a lot of self-confidence? Chael Sonnen should have used that strategy.

Jon Jones has been the subject of a lot of super fight rumors over the past year, but he has consistently denied any interest in participating. The closest he has gotten to okaying a possible match against Anderson Silva is suggesting that the GOAT should move up to his division and challenge him for the light heavyweight belt. Recently, Jones budged a bit off that stance.

"Everything is a possibility," he said. "I really can't count too much out. I do believe that we're put on this earth to think big and dream big, and not limit ourselves. And fighting Anderson would be a definite testament of my faith and my warrior experience, and things like that. So who knows what will happen in the future…Sounds like we're breaking, huh? Me and Anderson, sounds like the story is twisting? I'm up for whatever, man." [MMA Mania]

That was a really fancy way of Jones sticking to his original “no super fights” idea. The fact of the matter is, more than any other fighter in recent memory, Bones fell in love with the money and prestige that comes with being a UFC top dog. He is very apprehensive about losing it. And that’s fine. It’s his prerogative. But it also means that, unless he actually agrees to fight Silva, he probably doesn’t have any plans to do so.

Dan Henderson is scheduled to take on Lyoto Machida at UFC 157. It’s a highly anticipated bout, and one that could determine who (of those two) gets a shot at the light heavyweight belt. Unfortunately, it’s not the card headliner. The card headliner is Ronda Rousey’s debut. Some people in Henderson’s camp have a problem with that.

“Ronda is headlining UFC 157. Here is why I have a problem with that. Ronda is the champion of Strikeforce with 6 wins in less than 2 years of a mma professional career. That’s impressive regardless of who she has fought. However, she is not the UFC champion yet. She still has to win this fight to get that belt. On the other hand , we have Hendo, who has also been the Strikeforce champion (never lost the belt),Pride champion in 2 different weight classes; he has been ranked #1 contender for the UFC 205lbs, and #6 by many pound for pound best fighter. [Opposing Views]

We covered this ridiculous beef here.

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