MMA News: Jones vs. Machida, UFC on FX, UFC 143 and More

In a pre-fight interview on UFC.com, Jon Jones guaranteed victory over his UFC 140 opponent, Lyoto Machida.

“I’ve always felt confident with martial arts; and I always knew that I would fight Lyoto one day. Lyoto’s a great opponent, man, he’s game. I think he takes this sport seriously. I think he’s unpredictable, he’s fast. Lyoto loves distance and I love distance; but I have the longer limbs and I believe I’m just as fast. So if Lyoto wants to play the distance game with me, I think that’s going to be awesome. I’m also very unpredictable. I have tons of confidence and faith in my wrestling abilities against Lyoto. I feel as if I can shoot at his legs and take him down, and I also feel as if I have tons of versatility in my takedowns from the point and shoot. I know myself, I know my weaknesses, and I’m not naive to them. I’m starting to understand my opponent, I’m starting to understand what makes Lyoto, Lyoto, where he’s strong, where he’s weak. I will defeat Lyoto Machida. I believe that it’s my destiny to be the UFC Champion for many years.”

Jones never lacks for confidence, I’ll give him that, but this is most certainly his toughest test to date. Machida’s style has given the best of the division problems. It will be interesting to see just how long Jones decides to keep this standing. I think he’ll look for a takedown early, and for sure once Machida hits him. It’s going to be an awesome fight.

Gray Maynard told Tatame.com that he believes he should get one last fight with Frankie Edgar. “Hopefully he holds on to the belt, because there’s got to be a part four, I think, to make it a true trilogy. Now he has one and I do too, so that’s a draw. So, we gotta do it again. Hopefully, he holds on the belt and I can work back up there. Obviously it was not the outcome that I was hoping for. It happened, I had to deal. I gotta improve on some things and gotta be prepared for the next opponent.”

A part 4 in a trilogy? That doesn’t make sense, but I get his meaning. They are 1-1-1, no clear winner. If Maynard keeps winning, and Edgar holds onto that belt, I would love to see a part 4. After those last two fights, how could you not? But both of those are big ifs. The lightweight division is stacked with talent. For both of them to keep winning with a chance to meet again seems unlikely.

Even though no official bouts for the UFC on Fox 2 card have been announced, ESPN.com is reporting that a fight the UFC originally scheduled for this past summer at UFC 133 is set to headline UFC on Fox 2, as Rashad Evans and Phil Davis will meet at in Chicago, Illinois on January 28.

I figured this was going to happen. Evans didn’t want to wait for Jones/Machida winner to rest up while he sat on the sidelines. And with Phil Davis returning, it makes perfect sense. And those of you who questioned whether or not the UFC would continue to put on big fights for free on Fox, wonder no longer. This is a big fight.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press is reporting that former Strikeforce heavyweight Brett Rogers was sentenced to 60 days in jail and 3 years probation on Wednesday stemming from a guilty plea to felony third-degree assault for a June incident where assaulted his wife.

I think he should have got a longer sentence. He’s a “professional” fighter and attacked a female, his wife. Personally, I wouldn’t hire the guy anywhere. Lucky for him, I’m not a fight promoter.

UFC officials announce on Tuesday evening that they have added another fight for the UFC 143 card on Super Bowl weekend. Ultimate Fighter season seven winner Amir Sadollah will take on Jorge Lopez on the Feb. 4 card.

This should be a back and forth fight. As of right now, I don’t see a clear edge for any fighter. Sadollah is aggressive, but that has cost him in the past. Can’t wait to see it.


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