MMA News: Jon Jones, Silva & Sonnen, Bobby Lashley and More

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Jon Jones’ older brother, Arthur Jones, who is a defensive tackle for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens told ESPN that he thinks his brother will eventually become the UFC Heavyweight Champion.

“I’m telling you, he’s going to be a heavyweight champion someday. Every sport he has ever played throughout high school — unlike me — he’s always been the captain. He’s always been the best on the defense. Always the best on the wrestling team. He is a born leader. I was a one-time state champ in wrestling in high school. He was a two-time state champ. He’s just a freak child.” I imagine he’ll eventually make his way to the heavyweight division. He’s mentioned the growing difficulty at cutting weight, and he’s even stated that he might make the move. Will he become champion? That’s another story. There are a ton of big and powerful guys in that division. I’d like to see him try though.

Anderson Silva responded to Chael Sonnen’s derogatory remarks about Brazilian fighter on “Man, what can I say about [Chael Sonnen]? All of us, as Brazilians, get upset by his attitudes. We respect Americans, Japanese; we respect everybody. We have a tradition in this sport dating back many years and it’s sad to see people not respecting that. But if they don’t respect you in one way, they will in another. We’ll show our hegemony, our strength and heart in another way. Unfortunately, there are people living in the first world who aren’t all that evolved. We have to show our intelligence, take in the good and filter out the bad.” Sonnen is really giving America a bad name. Seriously. I watched and read all he’s been saying. It’s just ridiculous and borderline offensive. And I never get offended, so that’s saying something. Heck, I’m not even Brazilian. It’s funny, because as much trash as he talks about Brazilians, every single Brazilian fighter he’s fought has submitted him.

In an interview with, Melvin Guillard asked for his next opponent. “I want to fight on this Houston card coming up. I just want to stay focused on the task at hand, and that’s getting better…I don’t want to try to throw a name out there, but I was thinking maybe I could ask them to fight Joe Lauzon. You know what? I’m down to see this. I’d rather him fight someone else higher up the ladder, but eveyone is taken.

Multiple published reports state that Bobby Lashley will finally make his return to the MMA cage this July 28 at Titan Fighting Championships, where he will meet UFC and Bellator vet Eddie Sanchez in the main event. The event will air live on HDNet. I was wondering what happened to him. I hope he’s been training his hands and his cardio because Sanchez is no pushover. Especially cardio.

UFC officials announced that newly acquired featherweight Hatsu Hioki will make his UFC debut against George Roop at UFC 137 on October 29. This is a good “litmus test” for Hioki. On paper he’s twice the fighter Roop is. But that’s why they fight, and overseas transfers usually have a tough time in their first fight in the Octagon.


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