MMA News: Jon Jones Injured, UFC 141, Spike TV and More

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UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones was seen limping walking from the cage following his victory over Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at UFC 135 last weekend, and received medical attention after the fight. With the official list of medical suspensions now being released by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies’ Office of Boxing, it appears the champion suffered a significant injury. “Something” being the operative word because the nature of the suspensions were not revealed, but Jones is out for up to six months, or 45 days with physician clearance.

I was five feet from Jones as he walked back into the locker room and noticed the limp too. Guess we now know he was injured in some way. How will probably be determined in the coming days. Hopefully he’ll only be out the 45 days, because if not, Rashad Evans will, again, be robbed of his shot at Jones. Evans can’t buy a break.

Vitor Belfort told that he hopes for a fight at UFC 141. “I’ve done a lot of silly things. I fought with broken hands and things. But I can’t abuse my body anymore. I’m 34 years old. I have four or five years more in my career. So the decisions I make, I made with doctors and people in my camp that I trust and the people that care about me…I hope I can be on [UFC 141 on December 30]. I’ll be ready for that one for sure…One opponent I really want, I hope Chael wins. I really want to fight him. I think the winner of that fight, me and Chael, we’d be [ready] to fight for the title. His fighting always (goes) to a decision. He’s a boring fighter, but I’ll make sure that fight will end up quick, and I’ll give him a fight he’s never had in his life.”

I would love to see Sonnen and Belfort go at it. Especially after all that stuff Sonnen has been talking about Brazil. But title shot? Hmmm, not quite sold on that.

Multiple reports are stating that Spike TV is going to air a three-hour marathon of “UFC Unleashed” episodes featuring Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos to counter program the November 12th Fox broadcast title fight between the heavyweights. The three hour marathon will be titled “Dos Santos vs Velasquez: Unleashed for the Heavyweight Title.”

That is shady and underhanded, otherwise known as, business. This will not make Dana White happy, and I’m curious to see how the UFC combats this situation.

Pat Barry downplayed the reach advantage Stefan Struve’s reach advantage in an interview with saying, “I don’t think it’ll be that big of a deal in this fight. Everybody Stefan comes across, fights and trains with is shorter than he is. Everybody that I come across, fight and train with is taller than I am. So this fight is going to be everything normal.”

While this is all true, Struve’s reach should be a difference. Key word is “should.” For some reason Struve let’s fighters inside, and the go to town. He better not let Barry in, because it’ll be lights out.

Even though reported confirmation from UFC President Dana White that Phil Davis was taking on Lyoto Machida at UFC 140, Dana White took to Twitter to retract that statement. “I jumped the gun on Machida vs Davis. Just found out Davis is still recovering from knee surgery. Sorry about that!”

That would’ve been a great fight to watch, but alas, it isn’t to be. But they need to find someone for Machida to fight. Wait…if Jones is really out that long, maybe Evans/Machida 2? I’d rather not see that because I’d rather both of those guys get a shot at Jones, but who knows? It’s possible.


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