MMA News: Jon Jones Featured in ESPN Body Issue

The third edition of “The Body Issue” by ESPN the Magazine will feature the current  UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones in nothing but his birthday suit. Jones is not the first Mixed Martial Arts star to appear in “The Body Issue”, he’s actually the fifth, but the champ is the first from the UFC. 

If you’re unfamiliar with “The Body Issue” it’s a complete issue of ESPN the Magazine featuring pictures of athletes, past and present showing their bodies in an artful way, with little to no clothes own. Over the three years athletes from all sports have been featured in “The Body Issue” including, Adrian Peterson (NFL), Serena Williams (Tennis), Manny Pacquiao (Boxing), Apolo Anton Ohno (Speed Skating) and Amare Stoudemire (NBA).

Other MMA fighters who have been featured in “The Body Issue” have been Gina Carano, Herschel Walker, Evangelista Santos and Christiane Santos. Below is a photo gallery of the five:

Photo by Patrik Giardino fro ESPN the MagazinePhoto by Nadav Kander for ESPN the MagazinePhoto by Jeff Riedel for ESPN the MagazinePhoto by Luis Sanchis for ESPN the Magazine

Pictures Courtesy of ESPN.com and ESPN the Magazine


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