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MMA News: Forrest Griffin, Tito Ortiz, Brock Lesnar, UFC 141 and More

Forrest Griffin told that he’s open to a third fight with Tito Ortiz, but with conditions.

“If people would pay to see that fight, I’ll get paid to fight that fight. I care more about where the fight is; I don’t travel well. If that fight happens in the continental United States, I’m down! If anything, for me now, I’m realizing that I don’t have much left. This is the end of the road for me. I want a couple more fight fights, you know, good ones! Fights were I don’t get knocked out in the first round. Fights were I get hurt and bleed a little but I kinda rally back. Something of that nature. As far as a fight with Tito, yeah it would be good but do people want to see it?”

Well, for me, I don’t know how much I really want to see it. Had Ortiz defeated “Lil’ Nog” I would be all for it. But he didn’t. However, if this last fight on Ortiz’s contract is going to be his retirement fight, I think he deserves a worthy opponent. So I’m kind of torn on the idea. I guess if the people want to see it like Griffin said, I’ll pay to watch it.

In an extended preview of UFC 141 at, Brock Lesnar reiterated that he’s going to smash Alistair Overeem. “This is my home, the UFC is Brock Lesnar. I don’t care how many fights he’s had, I don’t care where his career has been. This is my time; this is my house. He’s in over his head. He doesn’t really understand the beast that he’s going to enter the Octagon with…He’s definitely a well rounded fighter. As far as his standup game goes, he’s very versatile on his feet. He’s got a long range, both with his hands and his legs…[But] I’m gonna defeat Alistair Overeem. That’s the bottom line, there’s nothing else to say. At the end of the day, he’s gonna get his ass beat.”

This is going to be a great fight for one of them. It will depend on where this fight takes place. On the feet, no question Overeem holds an advantage. But on the ground, Lesnar is king in this match-up. I don’t know who’s going to win yet, but I know someone is getting knocked out.

Johnny Bedford is stepping in for Demetrious Johnson, and taking on Eddie Wineland on the preliminary card for the UFC on Fox 2 event, which are set to air on either FX of Fuel TV. UFC on FOX 2 takes place Jan. 28 at Chicago’s United Center.

With Johnson dropping down to take part in the first ever tournament for the Flyweight Championship, Bedford is an excellent replacement. His win over housemate Louis Gaudinot was impressive, but Wineland is a different animal. It will be interesting to see if Bedford continues to improve as much as he did from the house to the Finale.

Dana White believes the Flyweight Division is going to be as exciting as the Lightweight/Welterweight Divisions. “I have a feeling the 125-pound division is going to be as nasty as ’55 and ’70. There’s going to be a lot of talent there… Trust me, [getting fighters] just happens – when you announce a weight division, especially. I think you’re going to see a lot of Hispanic, a lot of Asian fighters coming to compete at that weight. Traditionally, if you look at boxing, they dominated those weight classes.”

I tend to agree. The “little guys” always put on a hell of a show. And with some of the TUF 14 guys dropping down, and some of the current 135ers dropping down, the 125lb division is going to be stacked.

ESPN UK asked Randy Couture if he thought Michael Bisping should be next in line to fight Anderson Silva. “I think he probably does. He’s right up there in the top four or five guys in that weight class. You can split hairs on deciding who the No. 1 contender is. He’s coming off a great outing against Jason Miller, weathered a storm and had the conditioning and great technique to finish the fight well. He’s one of the top guys so why not?”

I agree that Bisping has done enough to be the #1 contender for Silva’s belt, but it matters little. If he defeats Demian Maia, he’ll get the next shot after the winner of Mark Munoz/Chael Sonnen gets their shot. But, if those fights weren’t happening, I think Bisping should have the first crack.


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