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MMA News: Evans Talks Rampage, Jones; White on Henderson

In the post-fight press conference, Rashad Evans told the press he’d like to take the belt from Jon Jones, rather than Quinton Jackson.

“I would prefer to get it from Jones because I would love to be the first one to beat him. And he’s so cocky. He’s so cocky. You think I’m cocky. He’s real cocky. He’s for real cocky. Like, I’m on camera, joking around cocky. He’s like, goes to sleep, praising himself cocky. That’s how cocky he is. I would love to teach him a lesson. If he makes it past Rampage then I get a chance to do that, but like I said, he has a tough fight ahead of him. If Rampage does his work, then he could actually do something. I think Rampage should come and train at my camp for this fight. Jon’s a tough guy. Jon’s the Champion, but I know what Jon’s weak at. He knows where I’m weak at, but we’ll see who covers those weak areas up first. He has a tough fight with Rampage. Rampage does move like Frankenstein. He’s not what he used to be in some areas, but I think if [Rampage] does catch him he could put him to sleep.”

I’m torn on who I want Evans to fight. On one hand, I’d actually like to see Rampage and Evans fight. They didn’t fight the first time, so I feel I’m owed. On the other hand, it would be nice to see Evans exploit this weakness he’s talking about. And it would be the ultimate in-your-face if Evans were to beat Jones.

Dana White believes the Light-Heavyweight Division is finally moving forward. “It’s good to get this light heavyweight division going again. You get a title fight in September. [Lyoto] Machida is looking for a fight. Rashad is back in the mix now. The log jam is over. Dan Henderson is in the mix. Me and old ugly got to get together and talk and figure stuff out first. I texted him. I said, ‘Hey, ugly. You ready to talk?’ He said, ‘Whenever you’re ready fatso.’” I don’t know if the log jam is over. To me it looks like it has just begun. Especially since Henderson is more than likely coming back into it. But, it’s not a bad problem to have.

Fight Night bonuses for UFC 133 of $70,000 went to Vitor Belfort, “Knockout of the Night,” Brian Ebersole, “for getting Dennis Hallman’s speedo off of television,” and Tito Ortiz and Rashad Evans, “Fight of the Night.” All well deserved, especially Ebersole’s bonus. I thought Hallman’s trunks were funny. I can see the problem with them, but even the ref was laughing.

Dana White told that Season 14 of TUF is flat out awesome. “This is a great season, great season. Never in the history of the show have we done a two-hour first episode. That’s how good these fights are. You guys know me and the way that think and how I am. You think I would ever put on a two-hour fights to get into the house if the fights weren’t amazing? This season is awesome.” I know he’s paid to hype up the seasons, and he usually does. But he’s right, they have never put on a two-hour first show. That’s like a free Fight Night. I can’t wait.

Multiple reports are stating that the UFC has added its 11th fight to October’s UFC 136 card, a middleweight bout between Steve Cantwell and Mike Massenzio. The fight will take place on the preliminary portion of the event. This is a pretty decent fight. I fully expect Cantwell to land a bomb or two, but the events leading up to that should be fun to watch.


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