MMA News: Diego Sanchez, "Rampage" Jackson, Ultimate Fighter and More

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Diego Sanchez was forced out of his bout with Matt Hughes at UFC 135 due to injury, but when he heals up, he told that he’d like to coach the first season of The Ultimate Fighter on FX opposite Jon Fitch.

“What I really want is to become The Ultimate Fighter coach. I’m the first one to win the show. I’ve had 20 fights in the UFC, including my fights with Koscheck and Karalexis…I just feel that’s what I want to do. I want to go on and coach these kids and I want to help make some champions and continue the legacy that I started back in 2005 with being the first Ultimate Fighter.”

Usually when a fighter asks to become a coach, they usually get it. And I know why he wants to coach opposite of Fitch: to get back that Split Decision loss. But will Fitch go for it? Maybe. If there’s a promised title shot if he wins. Otherwise I think it might be hard to convince Fitch to become a coach.

Interview with Conner Cordova of, Quinton Jackson explains that his fight with Jon Jones is nothing personal. “He happens to be a real tough opponent, that’s why I’ve trained as hard as I’ve trained. I want to win this fight in devastating fashion. I want to blow him out of the water so people who doubted me will go, ‘Who the hell is that in Rampage’s body? I’ve never seen him do that.’ I don’t want to just win the fight, I want them to go, ‘Wow!’…I just want my belt back.”

Yeah, this isn’t personal. His fight with Rashad Evans was personal. These two have only mildly verbally sparred, and even then, it’s only about this alleged spy in Rampage’s camp. But if Rampage is on his game, and can land a good shot on Jones, we may all be saying ‘Wow’ come Saturday night. is reporting that a bout between “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung and Featherweight Title challenger Mark Hominick is headed to UFC 140 in Toronto on December 10. This is a good fight for both fighters. Jung is coming of that Neck Crank submission of Leonard Garcia and Hominick is coming off a title shot loss to Jose Aldo. A fight many thought he almost won at the end. Looking at it now, I think Hominick will edge the “Zombie” in a decision.

According to a report from, Andrei Arlovski is being targeted for Pro Elite’s second card in November, but that his camp has turned down a bout with former UFC competitor Sean McCorkle. No reason was given for the refusal. I don’t know why he would turn this fight down. It’s a fight he could easily win. I’m sure we’ll know more in the coming weeks, but he needs to stay fresh get back into the cage as soon as possible and get some wins if he wants to make it back into the UFC.

Shark Fight officials told that they have signed Bobby Lashley to a three-fight deal, and he will make his debut in the Texas-based organization this November. No opponent has been announced at this time. This is a big signing for Shark Fights. Even though he’s still very green in the sport, he has a name and a decent MMA following. If Lashley can get some more wins and experience, we may eventually see him in the big show.


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