MMA News: Dana White, Anderson Silva, B.J. Penn, Ronda Rousey, Lyoto Machida and More


In an interview with, Dana White said he has no clue how Ronda Rousey will perform on the first ever women’s MMA headlined PPV card.

“I don’t know how the whole women’s thing is going to go, how it’s going to go over, or what it’s going to do. She’s the only title fight on that card, but that card is going to be stacked. Everybody is thinking it’s because she’s attractive. That’s all great. You hear the way this girl talks – she is a Diaz brother inside. She’s like, ‘Well, after I beat [Carmouche's] ass, I’ll take her out surfing.’ She’s the real deal. She’s a fighter. She likes to finish people.

"Gina Carano’s beautiful too. But none of them have what this one has. This girl that she’s fighting, she’s got some nasty ground and pound. She’s got heavy hands, and that’s where the fight is going to go. The fight’s going to end up on the ground, that girl will probably end up on top, and she drops bombs. Ronda pulls off armbars, but if you don’t pull it off quick enough, you start getting hit with some bombs.”

Rousey will benefit from a stacked card, but she’s a draw in her own right. The real test will be when she headlines and the card isn’t so stacked. But as far as Dana saying Carano isn’t/wasn’t as big…child please.

During a Fuel TV post-fight interview, Dana White said he’d like to see BJ Penn hang it up for good.

“He didn’t say it tonight but I think B.J. is probably going to retire. I wouldn’t mind seeing that. He came back with a fire lit under him. Let me tell you what: That kid looked so good tonight. Rory looked better than he ever looked. The body punches he threw, you dont see punches like that in mixed martial arts. He really put it to B.J. tonight.

"B.J. is a warrior. Talk about a guy who doesn’t give up, doesn’t quit, and just keeps coming. I have so much respect for B.J. I always have, even though the good times and bad times. I‘d like to see him retire. He’s got plenty of money, he’s got a great family that loves him, he’s got babies, a beautiful wife. He has nothing left to prove to anybody, and everybody loves him. You heard the arena here tonight. I’d like to see B.J. retire.”

I’m pretty sure Penn will stay retired this time, too. Not that he has anything left to prove. He’s still a legend, no matter his last few outings.

During a media gathering, Dana White hung more praise upon the UFC Middleweight Champion, Anderson Silva.

“Anderson Silva is so far the best fighter in the world, f**king pound-for-pound, they ought to make a whole other list for him. I don’t know what you call it, but he should be on that list. That’s how good this guy is. This guy is 38 years old and still performing at the level. Bonnar went the distance with Jon Jones and he said to me after his fight with Anderson Silva, he was in total shock. Not to mention the fact that we find out (Bonnar) was on steroids. He’s on steroids. He’s already the bigger, stronger guy. Anderson Silva has 36 days to prepare for that fight. He f**king annihilated him.

"So after the fight, he says to me, ‘That guy lives in the Matrix. Nobody’s ever done that to me in my life. I felt like I never fought a day in my life when I went in there with this guy.’ That’s how good Anderson Silva is. I feel like the media and the fans don’t grasp it, don’t get it as much as I do. The day that that guy comes around and says I’d like to retire, it’s gonna bum me the f**k out.”

I agree with pretty much everything Dana said. Silva is ridiculous and I’ll be pretty sad when I’m not able to see him perform anymore.

After Saturday’s UFC on Fox 5 event in Seattle, UFC President Dana White cast some doubt on the Dan Henderson-Lyoto Machida fight for February. White said he had been hearing that Henderson’s recovery wasn’t coming along, and that UFC on Fox 5 victor Alexander Gustafsson could potentially move into the fight against Machida. Henderson, however, refuted that on Twitter. “Not sure where [Dana White] thinks he’s hearing that my knee isn’t doing ok. It’s doing great. Slowly picking training up just like I do for every training camp.”

I think Dana may have heard something, but ran with it. I would assume Henderson is training just like he always does, so don’t anyone panic yet.

According to, two more bouts are headed to UFC 157. Brendan Schaub vs. Lavar Johnson has been rescheduled for the event, as well as TUF 16 semifinalists Neil Magny and Jon Manley will go head to head on the February 23 card in Anaheim, CA.

I’m glad we actually get to see Schaub/Johnson. I was really looking forward to that fight on the Fox card.


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