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MMA News: Dan Henderson, UFC 139, Spike TV, UFC on FX and More

On a media conference call for UFC 139, Dan Henderson expressed that he feels great and that he’s back in the UFC to claim gold.

“I am 41 and feel great. I’m not putting a time limit on anything. I think I can put a game plan together to beat anyone out there. I am aggressive throughout the whole fight and always trying to finish a fight, although Shogun is very good and well-rounded so that will be a challenge to do…I am going to try to out strike Shogun. I am going to try to beat him in every aspect of MMA. I guess I could get knocked out like anyone can get knocked out, but I’ve been lucky enough not to get hit on the button yet. But, him saying he’s going to be the first man to knock me out, good luck to him on that one…I’m happy with the form I am in, where I am in my career, and I’m confident. This is going to be a big night for me. I think it is fair to say I’ve accomplished a lot in the sport, but one thing I have not accomplished is winning the UFC title. I like to set goals and that’s a big one: winning the UFC title.”

I’m excited that Henderson is back in the fold. He’s a tough test for anyone, and judging by he recent fights, can still be a force and title contender in the Light Heavyweight Division. This upcoming fight with Rua will be a great one. Can’t wait!

Spike TV President Kevin Kay sat down with Loretta Hunt at and said they have plans for a Bellator reality show. “One thing we won’t do is duplicate The Ultimate Fighter. It’s a great franchise and it’s going to go on to another network. I actually think the tournament format is a little bit like The Ultimate Fighter without the reality piece of it, per se, because every fighter is fighting three times over the course of the tournament to win the championship. You fight, you lose, you go home. There’s a lot of reality already baked into that idea. There’s different kinds of reality ideas that were starting to kick around — nothing we have our hearts set on yet — but we’re hearing lots of good ideas for reality programming around Bellator. But it won’t be 16 guys in a house. We’re not doing that show over again.

This is very interesting, and very smart. It’s the best way to introduce these “smaller name” fighters to MMA fans. I know I’ll be watching, whatever it turns out to be. They have about a year to come up with a new idea, but I’m sure it’ll be a good one.

Multiple reports came out on Thursday that the UFC would be heading to Chicago on January 28 for their second Fox show, and in a video interview with Ariel Helwani at, UFC President Dana White confirmed that was the case, stating that there are fights already lined up for the event and that the plan is to air four fights on television.

This is great news, and will hopefully quiet the people who were up in arms with the first UFC on Fox event. Dana confirming this pretty much coincides with what Mike Goldberg said, that future broadcasts would be 2.5hrs long.

The UFC’s first show on FX is taking shape, as officials announced lightweights Melvin Guillard and Jim Miller will headline the event, and welterweights Josh Neer and Duane Ludwig, and heavyweights Pat Barry and Christian Morecraft will also be a part of the card. The event will be held in Nashville, TN on January 20.

Looks like a pretty good card to me. I love the headline for sure. Two fighters who were on the brink of a title shot now looking to regain footing in the division.

In an interview with, Martin Kampmann vowed to finish Rick Story this Saturday. “I guess the judges don’t like me, so I’m definitely here to finish the fight. I’d like to stop Rick Story…submission, knockout, whatever. I’d definitely prefer not to go to a judges’ decision cause I don’t feel like it’s been going my way lately. I’m here to kick his ass and make a statement. I don’t want to go to the judges anymore.”

He’s got a point. His last to losses were a little suspect. But his statement about not letting it go to the judges should ring true for all fighters. Until the commission decides to educate these guys, you never know how they will score a fight.


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