MMA News: Chael Sonnen, Kenny Florian, Dana White, UFC 140 and More

After his victory over Brian Stann at UFC 136, Chael Sonnen said,

“Anderson Silva, you absolutely suck… I’m calling you out, Silva, but we’re upping the stakes. I beat you, you leave the division. You beat me, I’ll leave the UFC forever.” Then in an interview with Mauro Ranallo Chael Sonnen, “You tell Anderson Silva I’m coming over and I’m kicking down his backdoor and patting his little lady on the ass, and I’m telling her to make me a steak, medium-rare, just how I like it.”

This made Silva’s manager Ed Soares respond in an interview with MMAJunkie. “First the guy gets in trouble for fraud, then he tests positive for steroids, and now he wants to kick in someone’s door and slap their wife in the ass? This guy should be in jail; he shouldn’t be fighting…Chael is not the person that’s going to determine when [Silva] is going to take the fight. When he’s going to take this fight is when his shoulder is completely healed up, and he’s ready to start his training camp for the fight.”

Yeah, there’s trash talking and then there’s crossing the line. THAT is crossing the line. You don’t bring in another man’s wife into the cage. Where I come from, you’d get punched in the mouth in the street for comments like that. I’ve never seen Silva hit someone unnecessarily after he’s dropped someone, but if/when he does drop Sonnen in the rematch, we’ll probably see it. And he’d deserve it.

Kenny Florian issued a statement about his future.

“First, I’d like to thank Jose Aldo for giving me the opportunity to compete for the featherweight title last Saturday. I gave the fight my all, but Jose won that night. I would also like to thank the UFC, Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta for their continued support. I am passionate about mixed martial arts, and I love being involved in this sport. It is incredible to see how much MMA has grown and that, today, there are millions of people who enjoy the UFC as much as I do. Second, everyone is asking what is next for me. The only response I can give right now is that I’m going to take some time. I want to rest, spend some time with my family and friends, and then evaluate all of my options. I’ll speak with Dana, and my manager, Glenn Robinson, and we will figure out my next move. When I make that decision, my fans will be the first to know. One way or another, you haven’t seen the last of Ken-Flo!”

Whether or not Florian continues fighting doesn’t even matter. He’ll always be affiliated with the UFC somehow. With the UFC growing ever larger, he could easily be half of another broadcast team when the UFC runs two shows on the same day. And most likely will be.

During the post-fight press conference, Dana White said that they are still looking to hold an event at Cowboys Stadium. “We’ve been talking to (Cowboys owner) Jerry Jones for a while about doing a fight there. Tt’s just got to be the right fight. We’re definitely going there. It’s just a matter of when.” Then asked if Silva vs. Sonnen 2 could happen there, White replied, “I think it could. I think we could do a big, big venue for that one.” Well, that fight could certainly sell-out the stadium. Of course, so could GSP/Silva or Jones/Silva…

According to UFC president Dana White, Jose Aldo’s next opponent may be Chad Mendes, but there is a variable in the equation. “I’m pretty sure, yeah [that Mendes gets the next shot]. But we’ll see. Maybe Frankie [Edgar] calls me and says he wants to move to 145. We’ll see what happens.” I think Dana wants Edgar to go to 145 more than Edgar wants to go to 145. But it would be sweet to see either Aldo or Edgar move up/down to try for both titles.

UFC 140 main card is set with the following fights: Jon Jones vs. Lyoto Machida, Frank Mir vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Tito Ortiz vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, Rory MacDonald vs. Brian Ebersole, and Mark Hominick vs. “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung. Not a bad card at all. Going on face value, it’s almost as good as UFC 136.


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