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MMA News: Chael Sonnen, Anderson Silva, Nick Diaz and More

Chael Sonnen was on the Jim Rome show discussing his “winner take all” stipulation he offered to Anderson Silva for a rematch.

“That was a spur of the moment type of thing. I’m trying to pick a fight with this guy. This is the most confusing thing I’ve ever been part of in this sport. You’ve got an alleged champion letting me talk to him that way while he sits fifteen feet away … with his head down. You’ve got a guy like me sticking his finger in his chest day after day, hour after hour, and he can’t say a word. The one time he finally speaks up is to say ‘I don’t want the rematch. I don’t want to fight you.’ I don’t understand how we can call this guy champion. Last check he’s ducked every tough fight that’s come his way. Last check I’ve been calling him out for six years. I’ve beat every champion of every company there’s ever been. I’ve beaten more world champions than he’s ever even been in the ring with. And they’re calling him the king of the division? That offer was good when I made it, but it’s like any offer, you know, they’ve got to expire. Apparently, that didn’t work…"

Sonnen is as ridiculous, and entertaining, as ever. I listened to this interview as it happened and I couldn’t help but laugh. But the man is a salesman and will keep going until he gets his rematch. And whether you want to see him win or see him knocked out, you are going to pay for that fight. And that’s exactly what he wants.

Nick Diaz nearly no-showed again for a UFC 137 press call. But, to everyone’s relief, he was only 45 minutes late. Diaz explained what happened to “I didn’t even know about the call. What happened? I didn’t even know there was a call. Nobody called me in the last week, couple days, and said there was a call. I trained last night, I went home, got something to eat, went to sleep, woke up, my phone was dead, and then my brother’s telling me I’m supposed to be on a call. I don’t know anything about it.” His manager, Cesar Gracie, chimed in, “He did not know about the call. I was told about the call yesterday afternoon, literally yesterday afternoon, and I have not seen Nick since yesterday afternoon. He went on a training, crazy bike ride or whatever. He was out there and didn’t answer his phone. He was out there training, and no one told him about the call.”

Really? Again? How is it that every other fighter seems to make it to these obligations, but Diaz always has a problem? And if Diaz is telling the truth, that no one told him, then that’s on Cesar Gracie. He should relay that important information to this client. Otherwise, everyone involved looks unprofessional.

Georges St-Pierre posted on Twitter that after he injured his knee in practice, he went straight to the doctor from the gym for a MRI, which revealed a sprained ligament. The injury is speculated to keep him sidelined for 4-6 weeks, and his bout with Carlos Condit is expected to take place in early 2012. This was a tremendous blow to the UFC 137 card. This fight was going to be great, and Condit had a real shot at the upset. But GSP’s injury isn’t serious, so an early 2012 make-up date is fine. Just wish it was still next week.

In an interview with, Anthony Pettis expressed interest in fighting Joe Lauzon. “[I'd like to fight] anybody in the top five guys; I’m going for that title shot, so anybody who is a top five guy, I’m ready for…Joe Lauzon just beat Melvin Guillard, I think that would be a great fight for me.” Joe Lauzon then told The Boston Herald, “I think it would be an exciting fight. It doesn’t matter to me who I fight. Whoever the UFC says they want me to fight, I’ll fight. If they want it to be Anthony Pettis, I’ll fight Pettis. It doesn’t really matter to me that much. I’m up for whoever.” Let’s do this! Neither fighter took damage at UFC 136, and Pettis said he wants to fight before year’s end. Put it on UFC 141, Dana.

According to a report from, Jake Ellenberger’s five-fight win streak in the Octagon has not gone unrewarded. Per the report, Ellenberger has inked a new six-fight contract with the UFC.After his Split Decision loss to Carlos Condit, Ellenberger has been on a tear, recently TKO’ing Jake Shields in impressive fashion. He absolutely deserves a new deal, and will be atop the division for a long time to come.


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