MMA News: Brock Lesnar v. Alistair Overeem, Penn v. St-Pierre and More

In an interview with ESPN.com, Frank Mir revealed his thoughts on Alistair Overeem’s debut at UFC 141 against Brock Lesnar.

“Honestly, I think Brock will win pretty easily. I think we’re going to see the closest thing to a grappler versus striker match you’ll see nowadays. Brock is going to cover up; maybe throw one jab. He’ll rush Overeem to the cage, reach down for a leg and rip him down. I don’t think he’s going to get off his back. I’d be very shocked — I’d applaud Overeem if he got off his back.”

This is a tough fight to call. While Mir makes excellent points, Overeem is the vastly superior striker. If he keeps his distance, easier said than done, he could dismantle Lesnar. But, if Lesnar accepts the fact that he’s going to be hit at least once coming in for the takedown, he could do exactly what Mir said. And once Overeem gets to the ground, I don’t see how he gets up.

Kenny Florian told the Boston Herald that he’s not done with MMA just yet. “I still love this sport tremendously and still want to be a part of it. I know myself and it’s not even just being competitive, but it’s just being there learning and competing. There’s still very much a fire burning there so I’m going to do it….I didn’t get in this to be second-best, of course. But at the same time, not everybody can be a champion. I’m just going to go back to 155, work my way up, take it one fight at a time and see where it puts me.”

I feel bad for Florian. All those title shots, and always on the wrong end. He’s still an excellent fighter and there are still some fights at 155 I would like to see. Maybe if he strings together 3 or 4 high profile wins, he may get a final title shot, which is unheard of. But you never know.

During the UFC 137 media conference call, Nick Diaz said he believes BJ Penn is a better fighter than Georges St-Pierre. “I think B.J. is a lot better fighter to be honest with you, on a technical standpoint. He’s much better at jiu-jitsu, boxing, even on a physical level I wouldn’t count him out. I think he’s a much better fighter than GSP all-around.”

Diaz may have a point. I think it’s very close. GSP is obviously the better wrestler, but when you talk about all-around, Penn may edge him out. Can’t say for sure because GSP is constantly getting better and better, but Penn definitely has skills. He just needs cardio to fuel those skills.

According to BJPenn.com, Reagan Penn will be taking on Evan “The Butcher” Cutts at ProElite II this November 5, at the iWireless Center in Moline Illinois. The event is headlined by Tim Sylvia vs. Andreas Kraniotakes, and Andrei Arlovski vs. Travis Fulton, airing on HDNet.

Cutts is 2-0 in his professional career, so this is a great next fight for the younger Penn. Coincidentally, if you count Cutts’ amateur wins, he’s finished 5 of 6 by submission. Don’t see that happening this time though.

Even though Shark Fights’ booking of Bobby Lashley vs. Tim Hague came directly from Shark Fights’ own Twitter account, MMAJunkie.com is reporting that officials are denying that the fight is taking place at Shark Fights 21, and have “no idea” who Tweeted the booking on their own account, and that Hague has not been signed and is not in that fight.

Uhh, okay? What’s that all about? So even though you said it, you deny it. Is this ESPN or something? I guess stay tuned to find out Lashley’s real opponent.


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