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MMA News: Bobby Lashley, Kenny Florian, Dominick Cruz, Bellator and More

Bobby Lashley revealed his next opponent to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, and possible future plans. Lashley said that on November 11 he will face TUF 10 contestant Darrill Schoonover for the Shark Fights heavyweight title, and that he hopes to eventually make it to the UFC.

“I think it’s good for me to get back there and try to prove myself. That’s what I’d like to do. I’m not one to fight what someone else says about me. It’s better to go out there and prove that, hey, I want to fight. I’m here, I’m taking this seriously, and I do want it. I want to get some fights in and I want to really prove myself in front of these guys, so that I can have that door open and maybe go back with Strikeforce or maybe talk to Dana White later on and get up there and do some big things and show what I’m really capable of doing.”

Title fight already? I guess it pays to be known. Not that Shark Fights has any good heavyweights that he should have to beat first. “Titties” (Rampage’s nickname for him, not mine) is the one standing in his way? Must be a deep pool. But I do hope Lashley comes out of his Shark Fights contract undefeated, because I’d definitely like to see him in the UFC.

Kenny Florian told that he thinks the third time is a charm in title fights. “In an odd way, it’s those mistakes that I’ve made in my career both during the fight, in preparation for the fight, that has given me a different kind of calmness, a different kind of confidence that I didn’t have before. In many ways it makes me feel like I’ve got nothing to lose. A lot of people writing me off, saying I’m a choke artist, this and that, this is my third opportunity, I feel I have nothing to lose. Hopefully, third time’s the charm. Third time was a charm for B.J. Penn, and some other great fighters out there. Hopefully, it will be the same for me.”

Let’s hope so, Florian, because I don’t see you getting another title shot in your career. But, I will say this, I am not one of those guys writing him off. Florian is a huge featherweight fighter. It will be interesting this Saturday night.

In an interview with Josh Gross at, Dominick Cruz explained that his hand injury was the same one he sustained fighting Scott Jorgensen. “It just hurt and felt off. My finger kept popping out of the socket…It’s basically the exact same injury I had on my left hand. Same knuckle, same everything. The tendon is completely ripped off the bone and my finger is popping out of its socket due to that. And the knuckle just dislocates when I make a fist. I have to get that tendon that ripped reattached with surgery.” Ouch, that sounds like it hurts. And to have it done to both hands? Bad luck.

Bellator officials announced that their Middleweight Champion Hector Lombard returns for his second non-title fight of 2011 at Bellator 58 this month on November 19, where he’ll take on former UFC and Strikeforce fighter Trevor Prangley in a 195 lb. catchweight fight. This is a very good test for Lombard. Prangley is no joke and could win this fight. That being said, Lombard should be the favorite. I just wish he’d come to the UFC already. is reporting that DaMarques Johnson will meet Clay Harvison on the first ever UFC on Fox card on November 12, joining Mackens Semerzier vs. Robert Peralta, Paul Bradley vs. Mike Pierce and Matt Lucas vs. Aaron Rosa. All undercard bouts, no doubt. Well, technically every fight, save the title fight and co-main event are undercard fights. But you get what I’m mean.


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