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MMA News: Anderson Silva, UFC 138, Brian Foster, Jose Aldo and More

Chad Mendes was on Radio saying he’s going to take the title from Jose Aldo’s hands come January.

“For me I can figure out what I can and can’t do [best] when I’m in the cage competing.I definitely gained a lot of confidence in that fight (with Yahya). And I learned a lot by watching Aldo’s fight, too. I think he’s just relying on having a smart fight instead of getting in there and being the killer he was in the past. Honestly, that’s the thing that made Jose Aldo so dangerous. He didn’t care about any of that. He’d just go in there in try to take your head off until it finally happened. (But) with him slowing down, it’s great for me. I’m chomping at the bit. I can’t wait to get in there and fight for the belt. It’s been a fast trip to where I’m at, but…I’m ready to go. I’ve got a great camp, great training partners backing me up, and I feel I’ll go in there and win the belt. I’m ready.”

I don’t know if Aldo has “slowed down.” In every fight he looks for the kill, but he’s now fighting the top guys. You can’t always finish the top fighters. But Mendes does have his wrestling going for him. If he could score a few takedowns and keep Aldo down, he might be able to get a ground and pound TKO or a judges decision. Big ‘if’ though. Aldo has great takedown defense, and when it comes to stand-up, Mendes might as well be an amateur when compared to Aldo. Should be interesting.

Even though his manager said he only had 4 fights left in his career, Anderson Silva refuted that, telling De frente com Gabi that he’s going to be here for years to come. He also had a few words about Chael Sonnen. “I’ll fight for another six or seven years and then I’ll stop. I stopped to think about it and I’ll postpone my retirement for a little longer. Then I’ll think about TV…I believe he [Sonnen] shouldn’t be [in] the sport, because he has no emotional control. While trying to provoke me, he makes the sport looks bad. He made bad comments, offended me and my wife.”

There might be some inner-turmoil between Silva and his manager, because this is the second time he’s refuted what Ed Soares had to say. Junior dos Santos already left Soares, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Silva followed his lead. As for his comments about Sonnen, he has a point. Calling out the champion is one thing, bringing in his wife is another. And he’s right, Sonnen has no self-control, but I think that’s why he has fans. And probably why he’ll eventually get a title shot. is reporting that Paul Taylor has suffered whiplash in a recent car accident and has been forced out of his main-card bout with Anthony Njokuani at UFC 138. That fight has been scrapped altogether, with Njokuani being rebooked at a later event. The bout between Cyrille Diabate and Anthony Perosh has been promoted to the main card.

Horrible luck, and luckily it’s only whiplash. Still, Taylor/Njokuani would’ve been a great and exciting fight. Too bad for us fans. Maybe we’ll get this fight later on.

UFC officials announced that one of the largest welterweights in the UFC, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, is moving up to the middleweight division for a huge fight against Vitor Belfort at UFC 142 in Brazil. That card is expected to be headlined by Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes for the Featherweight Championship.

This card is shaping up quite nicely. Both Aldo/Mendes and this debut at middleweight for Johnson have a ton of questions with answers I can’t wait to see.

Multiple reports are stating that former UFC fighter Brian Foster has signed with Bellator Fighting Championships, and he’s already issued a challenge to Bellator Welterweight Champion Ben Askren. “I’m getting that belt. I want to fight the best. I want to fight Ben Askren and take home that belt. I ran through my last two opponents and I’m better than I’ve ever been. I’m very happy to be a part of Bellator and I’m coming for the top spot.”

This is a huge signing for Bellator. Foster was 3-1 in his last 4 fights in the UFC, but was medically released due to a brain hemorrhage. Now that he’s been cleared by doctors, his potential fight with Askren could leave the champion dethroned.


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