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MMA News: Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Georges St. Pierre, Chael Sonnen, Ronda Rousey and More

There was never really any doubt that Anderson Silva would re-sign with the UFC, but it still had to have made Dana White feel good when the greatest of all time confirmed that he was sticking with his company. By all accounts, Silva’s new deal is for 10 fights and will presumably be the final long-term MMA contract he ever signs. (These guys come back, after their careers officially wrap, for one-time shows all the time.)  

During a press conference this weekend, White announced what his vision for Silva is over the next year and change.  

“There's probably three fights out there for him at 85, then Georges (St-Pierre) will have a few more fights under his belt cause the guy's been out such a long time. Cause before he blew his knee out, he was ready to roll,” White revealed when speaking about the potential Silva vs. GSP superfight (via MMA Weekly).

“It makes sense if you think about it. It would be almost a year and a half.”

That’s interesting on several counts. First of all, if Silva is signed to a 10-fight deal and his super fights begin three matches from now, that means he will only be halfway through his deal when he’s done with his highest grossing and biggest bouts. Secondly, it is abundantly clear that Georges St-Pierre doesn’t want it with Silva. He doesn’t even want a fighter in his own division who could beat him (Johny Hendricks); why would he agree to a showdown against a bigger and stronger guy who would simply keep the fight from going to the ground? Finally, as good as Silva is, it is very difficult to see him being able to beat Jones. Very difficult. And the G.O.A.T. knows that. He is saying all the right things now, but it wouldn’t be particularly shocking if he weaseled out of it when it was all said and done.

Speaking of Jon Jones, there is a new promo for The Ultimate Fighter 17 out. Here is him and Chael Sonnen doing what they do:

Speaking as someone who isn’t especially enthralled with the idea of Jones and Sonnen squaring off – this season has the potential to be interesting. The biggest problem with the last few seasons of TUF is that the incoming fighters have sucked. It wasn’t a coaching problem, per se; it was a prospect problem. Based on everything Dana White has said thus far, though, apparently they’re bringing some legit dudes in this time around.

During a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Liz Carmouche said something very interesting about her upcoming UFC 157 showdown against Ronda Rousey.

"Absolutely [the UFC is bringing me in to lose to Rousey]," she said. "I'm always brought in to be the loser and I'm okay with that. I will spoil their party. I'm not going to hate on her. She's doing exactly what we needed to get into the UFC and keep it rolling."

As sad as it is to say – she’s right. Nothing would be worse for the UFC and, by extension, women’s MMA than the biggest female fighting star on the planet to losing an event that she is headlining. Essentially, the UFC’s entire women’s division is built around Rousey right now. If the star loses a la Cain Velasquez at UFC on FOX 1, that could kill any and all motivation Dana White has for growing the women’s division.

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