MMA News: Anderson Silva, Dana White, Strikeforce and More


Anderson Silva told Brazilian site Veja the reason he sometimes “drops” his guard.

“Sometimes people think I’m being authoritarian when doing that. But there are strikes that cannot be ‘read’ if the hands are at the waist. Training with the hands at the waist increases reflexes and gives more velocity to strikes. It’s harder for your opponent to read you if your hands are at the waist. That’s why I was able to drop Yushin in the first round. If I were to have my guard up he would be able to defend. It’s a style that confuses the opponent. Always in the beginning of the fight I try to look for the ‘secure spot’ where I am able to drop my guard, but not be subjected to receiving strikes.”

It’s things like this that make him the best there is, was, and will be. Yeah, I just went Bret Hart on you, but it’s true. What other fighter knows this, much less implements it into his game plan? The fact that he can do it is beyond impressive. And even without this explanation, I never thought he was being disrespectful by dropping his guard.

Josh Barnett told that Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva is merely a decent fighter with a large frame.

“The thing about ‘Bigfoot,’ he’s a big guy and he’s agile for a big guy, but he’s not that agile and he’s not that athletic. In fact, being a big guy is probably his greatest asset…You could almost say that I’m sure he’s had his issues growing up with a thing like gigantism, and all the difficulty that’s come from that. But gigantism is what actually allows him to be a decent fighter, because he doesn’t do anything particularly awesome, but he’s just massive. But all of his fights come down to him getting the takedown. Those are the ones he wins, and against Cormier I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

Well, Barnett is right about one thing, Silva’s size is his greatest asset. I might agree with the rest of it a tad, but Silva is pretty skilled on the ground and has above average striking. These two will probably meet in the finals, so we’ll see how “decent” Silva is.

M-1 Global’s website posted the following statement from Vadim Finkelstein regarding Fedor Emelianenko’s next fight: “Fedor is going to fight in late fall in Russia, we have already reached all the necessary agreements on his fight.” However, the exact date, location, and opponent have yet to be revealed. The opponent will most likely be sub-par, but if he wants to continue to fight, he just needs to win and get on the right track.

UFC President Dana White posted on his Twitter account some bad news regarding UFC 135. “Diego Sanchez broke his hand. Looking for a replacement for Hughes.” Well this sucks. I will be attending this event, and was actually looking forward to this fight. I got the perfect replacement though: Royce Gracie. is reporting that former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Gegard Mousasi will return to the Strikeforce cage on December 17, but no opponent is set. I like to was Mousasi fight. He’s still rather young and near the top of the division in terms of rankings. Hopefully he gets moved over to the UFC because there are more interesting match-ups on that side of Zuffa.


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