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MMA Fighter Sergio Salcido Moon Murdered in Mexico

Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in the world right now and the gilts and glamour of the sports superstars can easily blind those unaware to the opposite side of the coin. For every fighter that makes it to the top there are handfuls of fighters struggling through each day in search of that dream.

Yesterday the MMA world lost a brother in the sport as MMA fighter Sergio Salcido Moon, along with his friend Kevin Joel Romero were murdered in cold blood while waiting to cross the border into California.

According to who first reported:

While attempting to cross into the U.S., two people were executed on board their vehicle.

According to authorities, the incident occurred about 2:40 pm today on the Mexico side of the bridge, where they found a white pickup truck with two people dead inside.

Witnesses said a man approached the vehicle lined up to cross into the U.S. and made ​​several gun blasts and then left the scene.

The victims were identified as Sergio Salcido Moon, 25, and Kevin Joel Romero, 28.

Around the car were five 9 mm shell casings.

Salcido, who had nine professional MMA fights had started out in Bakersfield, California where he had fought several times for the Gladiator Challenge promotion. According to his close friend and fellow fighter, Dominique Robinson “the sport had failed him” so Salcido moved from Bakersfield to San Diego, California in chase of his MMA dream. He would continue to train and fight while in San Diego for Long Beach Fight Night and also Tachi Palace but would ultimately once again be let down by the sport he loved. Salcida ended up moving to Mexico where he was promised many things that would allow him to continue to chase the dream he wanted so badly.

“MMA killed him!” said Robinson, “He should have never been there… no buddy helped him. He left his home in Bakersfield to San Diego and then to Mexico, where he should have never been and he f**king got killed. He would have never been there if people would have gave him a shot at anything,” explained a disgusted Robinson.

Robinson and his roommate have been on a personal mission  to let people know about this tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the friends, family and loved ones of both Sergio Salcido Moon and Kevin Joel Romero.

For updates on this story check out Dominique Robinson website at http://WWW.THEREALFALLENANGEL.COM/

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