MMA Fighter Jarrod Wyatt Pleads Guilty to Murder After Ripping Out Friend's Heart

A California MMA fighter has agreed to a plea deal after he murdered his friend in March 2010. Jarrod Wyatt (1-0) will be officially sentenced on October 4 and is expected to serve 50 years to life.

Wyatt is accused of ripping out Taylor Powell's heart and removing his tongue while the two were on hallucinogenic mushrooms. Powell was one his sparring partners in training.

"The earliest he'll be able to see a parole board is 2062," said Jon Alexander, district attorney to The Daily News. "We saved Taylor's family the agony from reliving the incident at the trial."

Wyatt's attorney, James Fallman, said his client didn't want to testify at trial.

"We looked for an agreement that would at least give him the opportunity to be paroled someday," said Fallman. "As bad as 50 years to life sounds, it's better than life without the possibility of parole."

The sentence came days before the trial was set to begin.

In court documents, Wyatt informed police what happened immediately when they arrived to the crime scene.

An autopsy determined the actions occurred while Powell was still alive.

Witnesses believe the two men were involved in a struggle between God and the devil while on their drug trip.

Wyatt had two fights to his name. Both were victories with the last in January of 2010.

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