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MMA Fighter Charles Rowan Faked His Own Death, Tried To Rob Gun Store

Mixed Martial Arts fighter Charles Rowan supposedly died in a car crash last month.

That is, of course, until he was arrested and charged with armed robbery on Friday.

Rowan, his girlfriend Rosalinda Martinez, and friend Michael Bowman were charged with holding up a gun shop in Gladwin County, Michigan, earlier today. The attempted robbery left the owner of the gun shop with severe injuries.

The reasons for Rowan’s faked death remain unclear.

Rowan’s promoters, Christos Piloafas and Scott DiPonio, were shocked and angry to learn that there fighter had faked his own death.

The promoters have reason to be upset. Just two weeks ago, Piloafas and DiPonio raised $1,000 for Rowan’s family at a benefit event.

Rowan has yet to speak with the media and has requested a court-appointed attorney for his trial. 

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