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MMA Analysis: What is Tim Boetsch's Next Move?

Joe Rogan might have gotten a little ahead of himself a few nights ago when he proclaimed it the greatest comeback ever, but it was a downright impressive one that Tim Boetsch pulled off against Yushin Okami nonetheless.

Boetsch was on the receiving end of a beating for two rounds straight courtesy an on-point Okami, but came out of the gates hot in the final frame to overwhelm Thunder for an eventual TKO finish. The impressive come-from-behind victory vaults The Barbarian up the rankings and earned the praise of the man in charge.

"Everybody knows how much respect I have for Yushin Okami, I say it all the time," UFC president Dana White said at the post-fight press conference. "And, what I tweeted tonight and what I told Tim when I saw him backstage is: When a fighter's down two rounds to nothing, that is exactly what you're supposed to do in the third round. You know, I wish more guys would do that.

"When you're down like that, what do you have to lose? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain to go out and go balls to the wall and go after it and try to win and try to finish," he continued. "That's exactly what he did and that's what every fighter should do when they're down two to nothing in a three round fight. It was awesome."

Boetsch appreciates his boss' praise, but describes the victory himself in less glowing terms; although he won't deny that he's happy with his improved spot in the pecking order.

"Yeah, I fully intended on coming in here and beating him tonight, but didn't so much want to get beat up for two rounds to do it," said Boetsch. "But, good conversation with Dana, you know, glad to get the win. Certainly very happy to set him down with that uppercut I've been hunting for forever. But, no, I'm real excited; certainly it launched me towards the top of the ladder and really excited to keep climbing. There's only a couple more guys up there higher than Okami and I welcome the challenge to whoever's next."

Boetsch and Okami met at UFC 144: Edgar vs. Henderson, which went down at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. For results and a full recap of the event, click here.

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