MMA Analysis: Impact of Frankie Edgar's Weight Decision on Jose Aldo

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Perhaps more than any other UFC champion, Jose Aldo makes his division look thin.

Albeit, the featherweight class isn't exactly the deepest, but it's not full of slouches either. The gap between Aldo and his challengers has just been wide enough that his title defenses have seemed like foregone conclusions. Even the few moments where he's struggled have been written off as the result of a bad weight cut getting worse and not attributed to any fault in Aldo's skill.

Simply put: Aldo is currently lording over a division mostly devoid of intriguing contenders at the ready. That's why the prospect of former UFC lightweight champ Frankie Edgar dropping to 145lbs was as exciting to Aldo as it was to most MMA fans.

Aldo spoke with Sherdog before Edgar was granted the rematch against Benson Henderson and it looked like The Answer would be heading South. Aldo was clearly excited by the prospect, so much so that he said he'd even move up to lightweight eventually to pursue that fight.

"Having Edgar, a former lightweight champion, would be amazing for the featherweight division, but if he doesn't come down [to 145 pounds], in the future, I'm going to have to move to lightweight," said Aldo.

The most likely next contender to Aldo's belt will be either Hatsu Hioki or the winner between Chan Sung Jung and Dustin Poirier, unless any adventurous top-ranked lightweights are looking to walk into a title fight with Scarface.

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