MMA Analysis: Edwin Figueroa vs. Jason Reinhardt

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Opening up the UFC Live: Hardy vs. Lytle fight card on Facebook saw a one-sided bantamweight matchup between Edwin Figueroa and Jason Reinhardt. From the opening bell it was clear that Reinhardt wanted nothing to do with the striking and hoped Figueroa would over commit and expose an opening for a takedown.

From the opening bell Reinhardt was instantly on the retreat with his back up to the cage while Figueroa controlled the center of the Octagon. Reinhardt avoided any contact for the first 90 seconds before awkwardly motioning for Figueroa to engage.

Finally Figueroa catches the back pedaling machine and begins the punishment as the round hits the halfway point. Rocked by a punch, Reinhardt found himself in a standing guillotine that would drain in of all his energy to ward off. Reinhardt’s only shining light in the fight was a takedown of Figueroa that would eventually see Figueroa finish on top.

Reinhardt, who was making his bantamweight debut survived the round but was visibly gassed as he slowly made his way to his corner.

The 41-year old came out on empty in round two and was easily reversed by Figueroa while attempting a takedown. Rianhardt covered up as Figueroa punished him until the referee had seen enough and called a stop to the fight.

For Figueroa he gets his first UFC win, for Reinhardt he suffers his third career loss all coming inside the UFC Octagon. Win the three UFC losses and lack of fight today; it’s probably safe to safe that Reinhardt is finished in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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