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MMA Analysis: Don't Discount the Maynard Factor When it Comes to Jose Aldo

When Jose Aldo needed to fine-tune his wrestling skills he called on a very qualified friend: none other than Gray Maynard.

The two met at UFC® 136, and today Aldo is tapping Maynard’s expertise as he preps for UFC RIO™ and his main event bout with Chad Mendes. Watch these two dangerous opponents face off live on Pay-Per-View on UFC RIO™: ALDO vs. MENDES, Saturday January 14, at our new time: 10PM/7PM ET/PT.

“I met Gray when I was going to fight Kenny (Florian), he was the main event against Frankie (Edgar). We were always joking around with each other. From there we started a friendship. I told him it would be great if he could come train with us. Good for him and good for us. It’s great to have such a talented guy come over. And thank god, now was a good time for him to come. He came around now that I am needing a wrestler to train with. Gray is a great wrestler who has a lot of experience and is a great competitor. So it was great to have him test our skills. I hope this partnership will last, and that he will come train for his fights here. For us to learn from him and for him to train with a lot of good lightweights.” – transcription thanks to

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