Baseball was a Better Game with Steroids

The Philadelphia Phillies are beginning to know how the New York Mets felt last season. Look at the names of key players that will have lost significant playing time to injury this season.

The Phillies have now had their entire infield except Ryan Howard go down! Carlos Ruiz (c), Placido Polanco (3b), Chase Utley (2b), Jimmy Rollins (ss). They've lost the services of their set-up guy and closer (place them any order you want), Ryan Madson and Brad Lidge. And J.A. Happ their prized young pitcher who went 12-4 in his rookie campaign finishing second in the ROY voting, has only pitched 10 1/3 innings in 2010!

Is it just me or does it seem to you too that there are more injuries in baseball then their used to be? What's with all the injuries in baseball these last two years? Were all the player's bodies so used to steroids that they are now breaking down without them? I've had a hard time keeping an active roster on my fantasy team the past two years because my players are always injured. In fact, I've had fewer players miss time to injury on my fantasy football team!

There are those of you who will point out that what the Mets went through last year and what the Phillies are going through this year is just unlucky happenstance. Logic and reason would suggest that there are reasons why nine previous National League teams since the 1942-44 St. Louis Cardinals have made it to back-to-back World Series and none has made it to a third. It stands to reason that perhaps the biggest one of those reasons is that it's rare to stay lucky for that long.

We had everyone jumping up and down complaining that baseball needed to get rid of steroids. Well they did and now everyone his hurt. Don't we want to see the best players from each team's compete against each other? Do fans really want to see the Yankees and Red Sox backups and AAA emergency call-ups duke it out for the AL Pennant?

Here's my take....

If the ball players are willing to risk the side effects of the PED's and long team health issues they may create, I say let them shoot up and pop pills. If they all do it the playing field will be fair and they can stay on the field and it makes for a better game on the field.

It's a long season and while the PED's certainly inflated the numbers, it also helped stamina, recovery from injury and what apparently seems to be injury prevention. The game was better when it was tainted........

As for the Phillies and the NL East, it appears that anyone not named the Washington Nationals has a chance to take this thing. The Braves and Mets have put themselves in a wonder position to capitalize on the Phillies woes and you know the young Marlins have a run in them at some point too. Everyone is talking about Ubaldo Jimenez' first half, and rightly so; but has anyone noticed what Josh Johnson has done? A hot month from Hanley Ramirez and a few long balls from prized slugger Mike Stanton they just called up and they are right there. - Adam Foster

Adam is a freelance sports writer contributing to various online and print publications for over 12 years.

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