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MLB Rumors: Boston Red Sox to Fire Bobby Valentine as Soon as Season Ends?

The Red Sox will fire Bobby Valentine. That is a statement of fact. You cannot go 69-92 and hold on to your job in Boston. You cannot take a mediocre (but not terrible) roster, lead them to fifth place in the AL East, and hold on to your job in Boston. You cannot come out, guns blazing and taking all sort of shots at the New York Yankees before ever playing a game, and then not even challenge those guys over the course of a season.

You just can't do that sort of stuff and then not produce results.

For all intents and purposes, Valentine is done. The only question now is: when will Red Sox brass let him go? Will they put him out of his misery early, or will they carry on with this ridiculous charade for a few months – pretending as though he has any shot whatsoever of retaining his post?

According to a new report from CBS Sports, it looks like the powers that be are leaning towards the first option. Via Jon Heyman:

… Red Sox upper management intends to remove Bobby Valentine as manager soon after the season ends, people familiar with the situation say.

The belief is Valentine's ouster will come either Thursday or Friday, though that isn't known. Some people believe the Red Sox will give Valentine the courtesy of a meeting, but several people said they don't believe there's any chance he would be able to change their minds, assuming he'd want to.

He probably wouldn’t even want to. Over the past few months, Valentine has given numerous indications that he is over this whole experience. Between the disdain that fans have for him, the lack of respect his player show towards him, and the apparent undermining that has been coming from his staff over the course of the season – it appears as though Bobby V has had enough.

Which is good, because we’ve all had enough of him, too.

Here’s to hoping Red Sox brass does what’s right and puts this poor guy out of his misery sooner rather than later.

(Kudos CBS Sports)

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