MLB Power Rankings: Yankees, Rex Sox, Braves, Phillies, Rangers

Original: MLB Power Rankings are published each Monday throughout the MLB season with the 30 MLB teams ranked by Net Runs. At first glance this metric (Runs Scored – Runs Against = Net Runs) may appear somewhat primitive, however, when taken into account along with other relevant factors such as current day’s starting pitchers, injuries and availability of players, weather etc., MLB Power Rankings are a helpful tool in gauging probability for those who wager on MLB games (not that any of us do that.)

At the beginning of the season, anomalies can occur in these rankings as there is simply not enough data for the math to be meaningful or valid. Over time, however, the numbers will speak for themselves and you will find that most, if not all, of the teams at the very top of the rankings will be in the postseason.

From a wagering standpoint, you will find that teams at the very top and at the very bottom of these rankings often tend to play games that are “actionable” both on the long and short side.

  • I’d be remiss if I didn’t open with talking about how the 2011 MLB All-Star Game Has Become a Farce.
  • At the break the Philadelphia Phillies lead MLB in team ERA at 3.02 and the Atlanta Braves are second at 3.11. On offense it’s the Boston Red Sox lead MLB with 492 runs scored followed by the Texas Rangers with 457 and the New York Yankees at 455. It’s no coincidence that those five teams are all in the top five in our rankings.
  • In the National League the Arizona Diamondbacks surprised in the first half and both the Pittsburgh Pirates and Washington Nationals seem to be doing things with smoke and mirrors but it is the New York Mets that hold the most intrigue as their on-field performance the next few weeks will determine if they will look to ease financial pressures on ownership by trading some of their highly paid free agent to be stars. Its worth noting that the San Francisco Giants are 12 above .500 yet they have only scored 10 more runs on the year than they have given up. That anomaly is not likely to hold up over time and they are either going to need to get some offense or risk losing some games.
  • In the NL East, the Philles are the best of breed and while they don’t get much press, the Braves are right on their heels only 3.5 games out. In the Central you can flip a coin as anyone except the Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros can win it. In the West it’s the Giants and their strong pitching, the surprising Diamondbacks followed by the Colorado Rockies. At 8.5 games back the Rockies an’t be counted out as they are perennially one of the best second have teams in baseball.
  • In the American League four out of the top six teams in our rankings are in the AL East (Yankees, Red Sox, Tampa Bay Rays and Toronto Blue Jays.) In the AL East the Red Sox and Yankees are setting this up for an all-time classic finish and the Rays are hanging in close enough to be relevant. The Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Angels look like they are going to duke it out until the end in the AL West as the Angels just added super teenage prospect Mike Trout to the roster. In the Central the Detroit Tigers and Cleveland Indians are in a virtual deadlock, and believe it or not, after horrible starts the Chicago White Sox and Minnesota Twins are only 5 and 6.5 games out respectively. MLB Power Rankings – Week 15TEAMWINSLOSSESWIN %R SR ANet Runs1 – Yankees5335.602455334+1212 – Red Sox5535.611482371+1113 - Phillies5734.626384295+894.5 – Rangers5141.554457404+534.5 – Braves5438.587365312+536 – Rays4941.544380343+377 – Reds4547.489437408+298 – Cardinals4943.533433407+269 – Angels5042.543355330+2510 – Mets4645.505399388+1111.5 – Blue Jays4547.489426416+1011.5 – Giants5240.565332322+1013 – Diamondbacks4943.533416407+914 – Pirates4743.522354346+815 – Indians4742.528386382+416 – Brewers4943.533405406-117 – Nationals4646.500352354-218 – Tigers4943.533413421-819 – Rockies4348.473395407-1220 – White Sox4448.478366383-1721 – Mariners4348.473301319-1822 – Athletics3953.424315339-2423 – Dodgers4151.446340373-3324 – Padres4052.435304338-3425 – Marlins4348.473352396-4426 – Royals3754.407402449-4727 – Twins4148.461347414-6728 – Cubs3755.402375459-8429 – Orioles3652.409355454-9930 – Astros3062.326358464-106

* Please note that these rankings are an analysis of past games played and not a predictor of future events. Those who wish to wager based solely on this information do so at their own risk and understand that no specific wagering advice is being provided here.

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