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MLB Offseason Analysis: Yankees Trying to Get Gio Gonzalez

Brian Cashman wasn’t kidding when he indicated a resolve to upgrade his starting pitching.

The Yankees have already indicated that they would pay part of A.J. Burnett’s salary in an effort to move him and now sources say that they are making a pitch for one of the best young left handed pitchers in baseball, Giovany A. (Gio) Gonzalez.

Gonzalez has 31 wins the past two years on what was arguably the worst offensive team in baseball. The 26-year old 2011 All-Star has tossed more than 200 innings each of the past two seasons averaging only 7.75 hits per 9-inings pitched. Gonzalez has given up 183 walks over the past two years, however MLB Scouts are in almost universal agreement that the high number of walk was a result of trying to be too careful because he knew he wasn’t going to have any runs to work with. Gio also averaged 184 strikeouts the past two seasons.

A’s GM Billy Beane who is not noted for trading pitching for hitting is in an almost impossible situation as he desperately needs offense and doesn’t have anything but pitching to trade. Beane reportedly wants Jesus Montero, top center-field prospect Mason Williams and one of two pitching prospects Dellin Betances or Manny Banuelos

Yankee fans will no doubt cringe at the thought of trading Montero. He’s a kid they’ve been hearing about since he was a teenager and was assumed to be the heir apparent to the catching position now that the Jorge Posada era is officially over. The 22-year old came up towards the end of the season last year and produced hitting .328 with 4 HRs and 12 RBI in 61 ABs, giving the fans a vision of the future.

From where I sit, although I think Montero will be a good MLB hitter, pitchers are just too hard to find, especially lefties, and I would trade Montero for Gonzalez in a heartbeat. Gonzalez made only $420,000 last year and is tied up for another four years. I’m certain Bean will try to play hardball and try to do a three for one, and while I don’t think he’ll get that, I think he can get one of the two pitchers named above in addition to Montero.

In the past Cashman has insisted he wouldn’t deal Montero unless it’s for someone like a Cliff Lee, but there just aren’t any of those around, the Yankees need pitching, and Gonzalez may be the best available guy. This is a perfect fit for both teams, the perfect storm if you will because the Yankees need a pitcher and the A’s need a hitter. The pegs and holes are exactly the same size, the stars are all aligned and the deal is too good to not do for both clubs.

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