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MLB News: Marlins “Putting an All-Out Press on Reyes”

We mentioned previously that the Miami Marlins hosted free agent shortstop Jose Reyes a few weeks ago. They are trying to lure in big-name talent (especially Latino talent) as they open their new stadium next year. But, it was reported that the Marlins low-balled Reyes, offering him less than $90 million over the length of the deal.

Now, Jim Bowden of ESPN, tweets that the Marlins are going very hard for Reyes.

“Marlins putting an all-out press on Reyes hoping for an agreement prior to Dallas…but don’t count out Mets…Reyes is the FA on the clock,” he says.

This is similar to what Jon Heyman of reported on Friday when he said that the Marlins are “pretty optimistic” about landing Reyes.

We’re just curious to see what happens with Hanley Ramirez if they sign another big-name shortstop. There had been talks of moving him to the outfield, but he didn’t sound thrilled about that. He’s already got some dickish tendencies, so we’d be curious to see his behavior if Reyes came to town.

That is, if the Marlins ever decide to grow up and offer fair market value for him.


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