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MLB News: Florida Marlins Go After Jose Reyes

The New York Mets have been in a downward spiral since about 2007. Year after year, they seem to get hit with injuries and aren’t that good to begin with. Especially now, with the powerhouse Phillies and surging Braves in the division. So, one would think that it’s in their best interests to retain shortstop Jose Reyes.

But, that’s not looking good right now. John Harper of the New York Daily News says that the Florida Marlins are poised to make a significant offer to Reyes on Wednesday. He’s told that they are looking at offering him a three-year deal worth upwards of $20 million per year.


One source tells Harper that the Marlins are looking to make a big splash with their new retractable roof stadium and “trying to cultivate the Latino market.”

But, Harper’s story says that they want to pair Reyes with Hanley Ramirez on the left side of the infield. Ummm…they’re both shortstops. It doesn’t say who would move to third. Does it matter? Maybe not, they are both stellar defenders.

If Reyes does walk though, the Mets would have to admit that they are in a rebuilding mode, right? They can’t possibly be a serious contender with that team.

“I don’t agree with that premise,” GM Sandy Alderson said. “We would presumably spend the money on someone else, while being mindful of what some of those long-term commitments can represent.

“Are we keeping the long-term in mind? Yes, while making every effort to be competitive next year as well. Does being as competitive as we can be next year dictate signing Jose Reyes at any cost? I don’t think so.”

Doesn’t sound like they are dying to keep him.


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