MLB Network Host Predicts Walk-Off Home Run Down To The Last Detail (Video)


MLB Network host Greg Amsinger looked like a modern day Nostradamus last night.

Amsinger was on air in the MLB Network studio last night when he perfectly predicted Giants catcher Buster Posey’s walk-off homerun against the Rockies. It was eerie.

Amsinger didn’t just say something like “Hey, maybe we’ll get a walk off here.” He said multiple times that he really had a feeling Posey would hit a homerun. He even predicted what Giants announcer Duane Kuiper would say when it happened.

“All I’m saying,” Amsinger said, “is we might get a ‘It…is…outta here!’”

Seconds later, Posey hit a homerun. When the ball left the stadium, Kuiper said exactly what Amsinger said he would.

The whole thing was very surreal. Watch:

Also, check out Amsinger’s reaction when it happned:

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H/T: FTW, GIF courtesy of Paul Sporer


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