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MLB Hilariously Cracks Down on Media Attire

Lost in all the winter meeting Jose Reyes / Albert Pujols hoopla this week was the new MLB dress code guidelines issued for media members who cover the sport. Dr. Roto, Scott Engel, listen-up you two; no more thong bathing suit bottoms while you guys are covering spring training this year….

MLB became the first major pro league in North America to issue dress guidelines for media members, putting them in writing this week at the winter meetings. The no-wear list also includes visible undergarments, tank tops or anything with a team logo.

While MLB spokesman Pat Courtney claimed that this was not in response to any particular incident, clearly everyone in the media knows this was an attempt to avoid an incident similar to what happened in the NFL when Mexican TV reporter Ines Sainz drew unwanted attention at the New York Jets’ training camp in September 2010 by dressing like a hussy.

MLB formed a committee of executives and media representatives to work on guidelines and the panel included female and Latin reporters and there was input from team trainers, who had health concerns about flip-flops in clubhouses and bare feet possibly spreading infections (serious – they are worried that reporters may have foot fungus, you know, toe cheese). Such footwear is no longer permitted.

The skimpy attire worn by some of the TV reporters covering the Marlins in Miami drew particular scrutiny. The media should dress “in an appropriate and professional manner” with clothing proper for a “business casual work environment” when in locker rooms, dugouts, press boxes and on the field, the new MLB guidelines say.

Banned are sheer and see-through clothing (well, I guess that rules out RotoExperts reporters now…), ripped jeans, one-shouldered, strapless shirts or clothing exposing bare midriffs. Also listed are “excessively short” skirts (hear that Scott?), dresses or shorts cut more than 3-4 inches above the knee.

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