MLB Analysis: What to Watch for in the 2nd Half of 2012

  • Will Mike Trout and Bryce Harper be able to duplicate their first half success during the dog days of summer? There’s a lot of baseball to be played and as pitchers make adjustments the second and third time around, it will be interesting to see if the talent and poise these kids possess render MLB experience useless.
  • In the AL East, could it be that the New York Yankees are playing the entire second half to set up their pitching rotation for the playoffs?
  • Will the Chicago White Sox with a rookie manager with no managerial experience in Robin Ventura be able to fend off the expected run of the Detroit Tigers in the AL Central?
  • Who will remain healthiest in the AL West, the Texas Rangers or Los Angeles Angels? That will likely be the difference in who wins the division.
  • Are the Philadelphia Phillies actually going to be the ones who are the sellers in the NL East? They have Chase Utley and Ryan Howard back, with Roy Halladay’s return just around the corner. Can they make up enough ground before the trade deadline to justify not trading Cole Hamels and getting something in return?
  • Can the Pittsburgh Pirates’ pitching hang on in the NL Central? Will Andrew McCutchen win the NL MVP?
  • Who will be the last team standing in the NL West? Los Angels Dodgers, San Francisco Giants, Arizona Diamondbacks?
  • Has there been a year where two quality pitchers like Cole Hamels and Zack Greinke could be had at the trade deadline?
  • Will Josh Hamilton finally play a healthy full season, and if so, what will his numbers look like?
  • Can R.A. Dickey and Johan Santana lead the New York Mets AAA-studded roster to a playoff berth?
  • Are the Nationals really going to shut Stephen Strasburg down in the middle of a pennant race?
  • Will Tim Lincecum be able to right the ship or will GM Brian Seabean look like a genius for not signing the petite pitcher with a violent throwing motion to a long term contract?
  • Will the return of Carl Crawford and Jacoby Ellsbury provide answers for the Boston Red Sox?
  • Will the Miami Marlins be able turn on the Florida heat in the second half?
  • Will the Yankees go out and get a pitcher just because they can. If not Hamels or Greinke, how about Ryan Dempster?
  • I could go on for hours as almost every franchise in every city has a compelling story to follow. And with the addition of two more Wild Card teams and a single elimination game in each league, the interest level in MLB is likely to remain high as we move into the NFL season this year.


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