Brian Mitchell: Redskins Don't Practice 2 Minute Drills

We were over at P.J. Whelihan’s in Cherry Hill, NJ Tuesday night for some Chase event with former Eagles players. It was a Q & A with pictures and autographs with G. Cobb, Brian Mitchell, Mike Quick, Ron Jaworski, Tra Thomas and Fred Barnett.

And of course when you talk about the Philadelphia Eagles, a certain former quarterback’s name always seems to come up. As you can imagine, the subject of Donovan McNabb and his benching were discussed, mainly because Mitchell is down in Washington D.C. and knows the score when it comes to the Redskins.

Fred Barnett asked Mitchell what the real reason was, since Barnett is like the rest of us and got seven different explanations.

“I don’t think they really know, because see this is this the thing,” Mitchell began. “I played 14 years in the NFL, every Friday during the season the two-minute offense was run. They didn’t run it for the last five weeks. So, is it Donovan or is it Mike Shanahan?”

“Ok, if you’re not practicing the two-minute offense, that means your backup isn’t practicing it also. So for you to say that your starting QB, who played 58 minutes and 15 seconds, doesn’t know the offense, while the other guy sitting on the sidelines, who had to find his helmet when they were calling him to go into the game…something is wrong with the whole picture.”

He was then asked by Cobb if it has anything to do with Kyle Shanahan.

“It has everything to do,” Mitchell replied. “Listen, your dad is the head coach and you’re the offensive coordinator. When you start screwing up your dad is going to try to protect your back, because he hired you. And that’s the whole deal. If Kyle wasn’t Mike’s son, they would be questioning the offensive coordinator position in D.C. Because when you have a terrible o-line and insist on seven-step drops, that’s just stupid on the offensive coordinator’s part.”

Mitchell makes some great points. He went on to note that Kyle Shanahan has been an offensive coordinator for one year and is still learning his way as well. Meanwhile, it’s Donovan that’s taking the fall publicly.


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