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Misty May-Treanor Appears on Daily Show with Jon Stewart, is World’s Most Lovable Olympian (Video)

We all watched Misty May-Treanor dominate at the 2012 Olympics and, unquestionably, we were all impressed. She and Kerri Walsh Jennings are beasts on the sand – but we all already knew this heading into the London Games. The Athens and Beijing gold medals kind of spoke for themselves.

What we didn’t know, however, was how ridiculously lovable May-Treanor is. I could describe it, but words wouldn’t do her personality justice.

Just check out the chemistry she and Jon Stewart had during her appearance on The Daily Show:

The Daily Show
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Now that she’s retired, hopefully we’ll see Misty do more stuff like that. Her personality is off-the-charts likable, and she could really do some great work for the sport of volleyball (and for women athletes in general) as a public ambassador.

Good stuff.

(Kudos HuffPo)

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