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Missy Franklin Decision: Should She Swim for Regis Jesuit High School?

Should being a world class athlete disqualify someone from participating in normal, regular high school activities?

Missy Franklin, 17, dominated her competition at the 2012 London Olympics this year – collecting four gold medals en route to international recognition as one of the greatest swimmers on the planet. Unfortunately, she now has to deal with some of the negativity that comes standard with all of the fame and acclaim she has experienced up to this point.

Here is the dilemma in a nutshell: Franklin wants to be a part of her high school’s swim team. For obvious reasons, there has been some very notable pushback to the idea of her being a part of the aforementioned swim. Now she must decide whether she wants to a.) do what she obviously wants to do or b.) give in and pass on the opportunity to swim at Regis Jesuit.

“If I had anyone who swims high school come up to me and tell me they don’t want me to swim, I would absolutely not swim,” Franklin said Monday (via CBS).

“But everyone who I’ve talked to has been so supportive of it. So it’s so hard when I have so many people that are really wanting me to do it and so supportive, and I have other people who are saying it’s not fair. ‘Why would you do this to other girls?’ And I feel so bad thinking that they would think that.

“It’s hard, because I feel like no matter what I do, it’s going to be opposed in some way or form.”

It’s a tough decision, obviously. Fortunately, Franklin isn’t your typical high school senior. She has had to deal with making tough decisions (and living with the consequences) for a long time now.

“I’ve had to make a lot of them, and to be honest I’m kind of tired of them, and I don’t want to make them anymore,” Franklin said. “But I think this is my last big decision for a while.”

Franklin is expected to make her decision very soon. It’ll be interesting to see what she ultimately opts to do.

(Kudos CBS)

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