Minor League Mascot Rip Tide Takes a Brutal Fall Off His ATV (Video)

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Being a goofy-looking baseball mascot isn’t as fun as it looks on TV.

Sure, Ozzie Guillen makes it seem sort of cool with all his cursing, inappropriate comments, cursing, Fidel Castro adoration, cursing and cursing – but underneath it all he’s really something of a sad clown.

This past week, Rip Tide (a macot for the Norfolk Tides, the Triple-A affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles) offered up our latest real-life example of why being a mascot is tough.

Check out what happened to him as he was trying to hype up a crowd during some recent outing:

Brutal. You have to give him props, though – dude (or random blue creature, whichever description you'd prefer) stood up like a champ.

(Kudos Yardbreaker)

Photo Credit: Daily Press

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