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Minor League Manager Joe Mikulik Has Full-Blown Meltdown After Ejection (Video)

Myrtle Beach Pelicans manager Joe Mikulik is one of the fieriest skippers in all of baseball.

You might remember him from two previous incidents, one in 2006 and in one 2012, in which he flipped out after being ejected from games and gave the collective sports world a hearty laugh along the way. Well, Mikulik was up to his old ways again yesterday, and the rest of us have one more thing to chuckle at because of it.

Mikulik slid, kicked, and stripped all over the field yesterday after being ejected by umpire Adam Beck. The out of control coach was arguing a call made by Beck that resulted in an inning-ending double play for the Pelicans.

By the time Mikulik’s tantrum was over, he was walking back to the dugout without his shoes or his jersey. If nothing else, teams probably love that a potential Mikulik meltdown gives fans another reason to come out to games at night.

Watch and enjoy:

Curious to see those 2006 and 2012 incidents we referenced earlier? Here they are.




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