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Minor League Baseball Coach Throws Wild Temper Tantrum (Video)

Joe Mikulik, the manager of the Myrtle Beach Pelicans (Texas Rangers' Single-A affiliate), threw one of his infamous tantrums during a game with the Salem Red Sox yesterday.

According to Yahoo! Sports, the incident started in the fifth inning: "Myrtle Beach's Christopher Bostick grounded into a 5-2-3 inning-ending double play, with Luis Mendez being tagged out at the plate. There's no video of the play, but it was Mendez's slide that Mikulik apparently was repeating for Beck."

Mikulik got in umpire Adam Beck's face, screamed and pointed his fingers at him, which quickly led to the coach's ejection, notes (video below).

But Mikulik was not finished. He kicked dirt on the umpire, and then demonstrated how Mendez slid into home plate and was safe.

Feeling the Salem crowd's applause, Mikulik removed his jersey and shoes, which he left on home plate.

The tantrum didn't help the Pelicans who lost to the Red Sox 9-1.

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