Minnesota's Ron Johnson Said a lot of Things About Penn State; Was He Right?


Former Minnesota wide receiver Ron Johnson got in to an unexpected Twitter feud this weekend with Penn State fans, students and even former players. Johnson sparked a storm on the social network following a comment about Silas Redd, the junior running back who took advantage of a free transfer under the NCAA's sanctions against Penn State in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal fallout. Redd was taking on the Oregon Ducks Saturday night in the Los Angeles Coliseum, when the former Golden Gophers receiver suggested Redd was getting the kind of opportunities he would not have received at Penn State this season.

Haters gonna hate, right?

Silas Redd is pretty much showing out this season. #PennState would not have showcased his talent with that shamble they have goin on

— Ron Johnson (@ItsRonJohnson) November 3, 2012

I readily admit I am not hip enough to understand what "showing out" means but I get the point Johnson is trying to make. Johnson believes Redd is being used in a way that will make him more attractive to NFL scouts and teams and playing in the spotlight at USC will benefit him more than if Redd had stayed at Penn State for this season.

Redd, in my humble opinion, made a decision to transfer to USC because it was likely to result in more national exposure for what was supposed to be a national championship caliber team this season according to the pre-season hype (myself sucked in). Redd called it a business decision to join a program thought to be able to make a run for a BCS national championship. As much as it may upset many Penn State fans, I cannot fault him for pursuing that opportunity. It is my opinion that nobody should be angry over a player leaving Penn State's football program. These are just kids trying to do what is right for them and their future.

Through nine games this season Redd has rushed for 732 yards and nine touchdowns, a career high. He could end the year with a career high in rushing yardage as well and USC will most certainly be heading to a bowl game, although the Trojans are currently projected to play in the Alamo Bowl against West Virginia, a far cry from the BCS bowl aspirations USC started the season with and likely sold Redd on prior to the season.

Getting back to Johnson's stance, and his defense of it, when questioned about his initial tweet Johnson suggested he was talking about USC being shown on national television, compared to Penn State.

@ldorenkamp @evilbillobrien showcasing meaning they can be seen on prime time TV. #PSU wouldn't give him that ability

— Ron Johnson (@ItsRonJohnson) November 4, 2012

FACT CHECK: Has USC been shown more nationally than Penn State this season? The Trojans have been available to a "national" audience each week of the season so far. Including this past weekend's loss to Oregon, USC has been featured on FOX four times. They have also appeared nationally on ABC once and to a split ABC/ESPN2 once. The Trojans have also appeared on ESPN primetime as the national game once. The two other times USC has been available to a national audience have come on the Pac-12 Network, where available.

Penn State has been available to a national audience just as often as USC, although the Trojans have gotten better time slots. Penn State has been available to a national audience every week of the season, through ABC, ESPN, and ESPN2 as well as two games appearing on the Big Ten Network and ESPNU. Johnson's point is legit, but poorly crafted. It is not as though Penn State is struggling to get games on air without Big Ten Network's help.

But then Johnson follows up with this...

@grahamlte @ydrpennstate they won't put PSU on prime time until the post season band is over. That's all I meant

— Ron Johnson (@ItsRonJohnson) November 4, 2012

Penn State had just the one primetime game at Iowa this season, likely because the Big Ten Network guarantees every school will appear on primetime. But does Johnson's point have any logical support behind it? The networks put the best teams in primetime. USC played in primetime seven times during their recent two-year postseason ban. Ohio State has played in primetime this season despite being on a postseason ban. Even the most loyal of Penn State fans would have to admit Penn State is not an elite team this season.

Johnson's logic here is lacking legs to stand on. 

@curt_david BIG TeN Network isn't national it's regional. They have been on there but not 9pm in CBS

— Ron Johnson (@ItsRonJohnson) November 4, 2012

FACT CHECK: The Big Ten Network does consider itself to be a national sports network, as all events are televised to a national audience in up to 90 million homes in North America. Johnson, a former Big Ten Network analyst probably should have known that. ESPNU is available in 72 million homes. The Pac-12 Network is also available in an estimated 40 million homes.

In terms of television availability, Penn State has been more available to viewers this season than USC on a weekly basis judging by these numbers.

Tim Tolley from Victory Bell Rings had a lengthy back-and-forth with Johnson as this went on. At one point Johnson makes this outlandish claim...

@timtolleyvbr and the west coast doesn't watch the 12pm east coast starts. It's a wash. But California is bigger than Pennsylvania

— Ron Johnson (@ItsRonJohnson) November 4, 2012

FACT CHECK: California is indeed bigger than Pennsylvania.

Johnson went back and forth with a number of Penn State fans, some clearly not taking kindly to Johnson's remarks and going over the line at times. But when former Penn State wide receiver Graham Zug got in to the fray, it was on...

@itsronjohnson Here's an idea. Shut the hell up. You don't know anything about the situation so why even comment

— Graham Zug (@G_Zug_5) November 4, 2012

@g_zug_5 you don't either so follow you own instructions and I will follow mine

— Ron Johnson (@ItsRonJohnson) November 4, 2012

@itsronjohnson yeah you're right. You know more than a guy who played there. You are a genius.

— Graham Zug (@G_Zug_5) November 4, 2012

@g_zug_5 Real talk I never said I knew more about any situation in PSU. So calm down. I respect all things football. I made a statement

— Ron Johnson (@ItsRonJohnson) November 5, 2012

@g_zug_5 As far as your fans talkin that 2 years in NFL stuff you know well enough being an NFL draft pick is hard to be. Don't be blinded

— Ron Johnson (@ItsRonJohnson) November 5, 2012

@itsronjohnson And you think I'm going to stand up for you after you attacked my school? Not a chance. #PSU

— Graham Zug (@G_Zug_5) November 5, 2012

@g_zug_5 Oh I dont care if you stand up for me. I am a grown man and stand on my own. I am sayin no disrespect. I didn't bash your school

— Ron Johnson (@ItsRonJohnson) November 5, 2012

@itsronjohnson Read your own tweets man...you brought this on yourself. Peace

— Graham Zug (@G_Zug_5) November 5, 2012

@g_zug_5 Sure did and I welcome the followers. The assumption that I was blaming Joe Pa is where it went too far. I never blamed him.

— Ron Johnson (@ItsRonJohnson) November 5, 2012

FACT CHECK: From Saturday, November 3, 2012 through Monday November 5, Ron Johnson has gained ten followers on Twitter.

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