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Minnesota Vikings Should be Starting Donovan McNabb

Minnesota Vikings QB Donovan McNabb was benched during an awful loss to the Chicago Bears a couple of Monday nights ago, despite the fact that he wasn’t playing poorly. Truth be told, he hasn’t been bad for the Vikings this season, even though he’s far from what he used to be.

So, he got benched most likely because the team was 1-5 and really not going anywhere and they have a first-round pick sitting on the bench. The Vikings needed to see what they have in the kid, Christian Ponder. The fact that Ponder has looked pretty good so far means that they are going to stick with him because he’s their future.

But, does Donovan think he should still be the starter?

“Absolutely,” McNabb tells, Andrew Kremer. “Absolutely.”

He seems to think he was benched due to his play, despite that not being the case.

“Well, I mean, everyone focuses on my position,” McNabb said. “We should be sitting here, I’ll be honest, at about what, 4-3, 5-2, or whatever? We had games that we should have won, but we just didn’t. Now is it the quarterback position?”

He’s exactly right, but that doesn’t mean he should be verbalizing that. In the first several weeks, the Vikings blew leads constantly to blow very, very winnable games. Donovan doesn’t play defense. He’s sitting because the season is over, not because he couldn’t win games. Four TD passes in six games won’t blow anyone away, but only two picks in that time? He wasn’t handing these games over.

McNabb also went on to deny a report that he’s been lazy and late for meetings constantly.

“Never,” McNabb said. “But from just people from the outside listening, they’ll say, ‘Oh, you know, sources said that he’s not putting in that time to be a top tier quarterback.’ Well, just come to Minnesota. Pack up your big jacket and your headwear, and come watch me.”

OTR is based in the Philly area. We haven’t missed a single game that Donovan has played during his time here. For all the criticism that he received over the years for this or that, his work ethic and determination were never an issue. Never. So, we’re going to go ahead and side with history on that report that he isn’t putting in the time.

As for the benching, he needs to understand that the Vikings had no choice but to see what they have in Ponder. It would have been irresponsible at 1-5 not to.


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