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Minnesota Senate Passes Amendment Banning Blackouts in New Stadium

The Minnesota Senate overwhelmingly passed an amendment to Vikings stadium legislation that would ban blackouts in the new stadium. We’re just learning of the news and will tell you more about it when know more but this is a big victory for Vikings fans.

Sports Fans Coalition called for such an amendment two weeks ago today: Our Proposed Vikings Stadium Legislation Amendment: No Blackouts!

Tom Hauser, chief political reporter for KSTP-TV in St. Paul-Minneapolis just tweeted: “MN Senate just passed amendment preventing TV blackout of Vikings games. Senate president says 57 amendments remain!”

And Jim Ragsdale, Star Tribune Capitol reporter tweeted: “Blackout ban mania sweeps the Senate. Amendment wins 53-13″.

We hope the House passes a similar measure and the NFL is forced to eliminate blackouts or risk losing public financing for a new stadium. Not blacking out games for publicly financed stadiums is the least the NFL can do…especially considering they don’t work in the first place.

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