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​Minnesota High School Hockey Teams Brawl (Video)

Two high school hockey teams got into a wild brawl last night.

Eden Prairie was playing Benilde-St. Margaret when a fight broke out at the Braemar Arena in Edina, Minnesota (video below).

The referees charged eight players, four on each team, with a combined 18 penalties.

Eden Prairie won the game 1-0, but now has to face Minnetonka in a title game on Wednesday without three of its players who were suspended because of the melee, noted

“This changes everything,” Eden Prairie coach Lee Smith told the Star Tribune. “We have to change our line combinations, we’ve got to shuffle our power play, we’ve got to shuffle our penalty kill.”

Smith also claimed that one of his three players who was suspended was not part of the fight.

“No one likes to see it end that way,” added Benilde-St. Margaret’s coach Ken Pauly. “I think there’s a lot of respect between the two programs, but let’s face it, you get a lot of angst out there. They’re disappointed, it’s a high energy thing, it’s a charged environment.”

Sources:, Star Tribune
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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